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BMW i8

Auto News
Posted by Victor Ivanov on 25 February 2011

BMW are preparing supercar with the name i8, which wont be powered by a diesel-electric hybrid like the Vision EifficientDynamics concept.

BMW i8 is expected to be introduced in 2013 and it will be powered by a petrol engine.

The recently announced 'i' sub-brand from BMW will launch the i8 supercar in 2013 but it will come with a petrol engine instead.

"We want to sell [the i8] all over the world. Diesel is only really relevant to Europe.", commented BMW's head of research and development, Klaus Draeger.

Firsly, the idea was for a 1.5 liter three-cylinder diesel and an electric motor like the configuration in VissionEfficient Dynamics concept, but now BMW will stick to petrol variant.

source: BMWBlog