Saleen Vehicles has teamed up with the performance orientated Indiana-based company Brenspeed and the driver Brent White to campaign a 2010 Brenspeed / Saleen Speedlab racecar in nine NMRA events this season.

The specially retrofitted ‘Stang is fitted with Brenspeed B302 power unit boosted by a Saleen Series 6.5 supercharger. Thanks to these high-end components, the racing ride is capable to deliver 600-plus horsepower. Furthermore, the Brenspeed / Saleen Speedlab racecar is distinguished by a Saleen Speedlab aerodynamic body package.

"Saleen and Brenspeed have partnered for the 2010 season because we have common goals," said Speedlab Director Jess Albright. "Brenspeed has a great presence at the track and they're extremely willing to help people on and off the track. We work closely with them to satisfy customers' needs for high-performance vehicles."

At the end of the last year's NMRA season Brent White was ranked ninth, now he seeks to improve his performance in 2010 behind the wheel of the Brenspeed / Saleen racecar.