If you are interested in the 2011 Ford Focus TDCI Edge, take a trip to your local Evans Halshaw. While they have a wide selection of cars in the 2011 Ford Focus TDCI Edge range, you are not limited to this model when you buy cars at Evans Halshaw. In addition to the 2011 Ford Focus TDCI Edge, Evans Halshaw also stocks a wide variety of new and second-hand Fords, including the Grand C-Max Zetec, the Fiesta Edge and the Mondeo Titanium X Ecoboost.

The 2011 Ford Focus TDCI Edge's light clutch will certainly have you going places, as it allows you to make the most out of the 94bhp 1.6 litre TDCi DuroTorq diesel engine. You can compare the 2011 Ford Focus TDCI Edge to other Ford models and see for yourself if the 2011 Ford Focus TDCI Edge is right for you.

A primary advantage of the Focus TDCI Edge is adaptability. With a large boot storage capacity, ranging from an already generous 316 litres to an impressive 1101 litres when the rear seats are folded down, the model provides all the requisite storage needed in a family car. The estate version of this model boosts the storage capacity up to a very large 476 litres fully seated and 1502 litres with the rear seating folded.

The outer body of the TDCI Edge retains the rally-style venting and overall aesthetic that has defined the focus range since its inception, but this style has been adapted to suit the slightly longer and wider specs that you get with this model. The design incorporates Ford's 'kinetic' design theme, with its slightly tilted carriage making it look like a predator about to strike, even when stationary.

The interior layout combines a very modern look with tasteful dashboard design. Many functions are controlled by a sleek, digital central console. The driving position of this model has been improved to offer greater flexibility, particularly for those seeking a lower seating position, which has enhanced the comfort of the driving experience you get with this car. Overall the cabin of this vehicle is roomy and feels as such, in addition to being kitted out using quality materials.

In terms of the coolness factor, the new parking assistance technology in this model indicates the distance between the car and other objects whilst also featuring an optional setting that will turn the wheel for you!