The BMW brand has been steadfastly gaining a high percentage of all the sectors of the US market. You may well think well how does affect the buyer? It means buyers of the sedans get an amazingly different experience, in terms of infotainment gadgets, fuel efficiency, car ride experience and handling, compared to the two-doors. Each series of the sedans is like a benchmark showing vast improvement every time a new line appears on the market.

Exterior of the 2013 BMW – 3 - Series

The unveiling of the sixth-generation 3-Series sedans shows that BMW has carefully modified the 3-Series so that it offers something to sport-sedan lovers.  Although, a teeny bit larger and with a higher number of advanced-tech options from the 5- and 7-Series models, the 3-Series is sticking with its natural power trains, phenomenal agility, excellent balance, and the driver's seat thrills that has earned this model the accolade it really deserves.

With the change in the new wheel - base shoppers will get four inches more length and two inches of width. The first inch is portioned to increase more legroom in the rear.   Exceptional seat contouring, and, the additional inch or two, makes it possible to fit adults in the rear, although taller occupants will have to mind where they bend their knees. The 3-Series more than makes up for this in the driver seat where there is generous space for any size body.  It does not matter as to whether you buy the base seats or the Sport model's optional sporty seats it comes with extendable thigh bolsters plus stronger driver side bolstering, if you want an ache free journey.

Interior of the 2013 BMW – 3 – Series

With the 3-Series' long options list packed with features that add lots more luxury and advanced-tech appeal. In the interior the head-up display (HUD) is especially well-positioned and useful.  For adverse weather conditions such severe cold weather there are options to have heated front and rear seats, heated steering wheel and retractable headlight wipers. A Driver Assistance Package consists of Lane Departure Warning and Active Rear Spot Guard. The Park Distance Control system is part of a Parking Package, which also includes a rear-view camera and the Side and Top View camera system.

BMW don't fool around when it comes Driving Dynamics Control, which is standard in all 3-Series models. Fitted with a rocker switch beside the driver's knee, you can switch between Comfort which is default, or Eco Pro, Sport, and Sport+ modes. Sport sharpens steering response naturally, changes shift points, while Sport+ allows more slippage from the steady stabilizer. It is also engineered to allow an electronic limited-slip diff mode to give the rear wheels more traction when driving in hazardous conditions.

The eight-speed automatic transmission is quick to switch and covers a wide range for good highway fuel economy giving 34 miles on the highway with the 328i. Sports Convertible and Coupe models perform just fine with a six-speed automatic. BMW has breathed fire into this highly competitive car segment, and all models can come equipped with a manual handled gearbox. xDrive all-wheel-drive variations have been added to the line up this year.