The World Health Organization estimates that between 20 and 50 million people are involved in a road traffic accident every year. The simplest and most effective way to avoid this is to ensure that your vehicle is regularly serviced and any faults repaired. Additionally, some simple forward thinking before taking your vehicle out on the road can be the difference between safe and unsafe driving.

Indicator And Lights

Failure to use a turn signal was found to cause twice as many accidents as distracted driving in a study from 2012. The same study showed that drivers do not use their signal indicators almost half of the time when turning. Should you have a broken signal indicator, this could cause an accident on the road, as other drivers may not be aware of the direction you are turning. Similarly, broken tail lights can make your vehicle invisible in the dark. A quick check of the bulb and a check for smashed lights after each use can avoid a serious accident on the road and prevent injuries to both yourself and others.

Mirror Safety

Mirrors should be moved to allow full surrounding vision, and should be kept clean and in good repair to avoid road traffic accidents. Large vehicles may have a blind spot in their side mirrors, which can be hazardous to cars and vulnerable road users. Therefore, vigilance is key to avoid a severe accident. An estimated 62,267 cyclists are injured in a road traffic accident with a motor vehicle every year in the US, according to research, showing how important it is to keep your mirrors clean and in a good position to spot any approaching cyclists. Pedestrians and cyclists can acquire severe brain injuries as a result of a serious road traffic accident, and could be entitled to compensation if your car is not in peak condition or you are at fault.

Tire Maintenance

In 2017, a total of 738 people died in tire-related crashes, showing the importance of regular tire maintenance. Tire wear and tear can be the cause of road traffic accidents, but simple checks and maintenance can prevent this. As a tire wears thin, its ability to grip the road depletes, meaning that the chances of the car spinning out of control are higher. You should not be using your spare tire as a replacement for worn out tires: this should only be used in emergencies. Instead, regular checks of the pressure and checks for any tears will alert you to any repairs needed ahead of time.

Simple maintenance before using your vehicle can prevent a serious accident that could result in injury to yourself or others. You could be held liable if you have not taken reasonable measures to prevent the accident.