2021-Car-led-bulbs-910LED car bulbs can improve your driving experience by up to 80%. While conventional HID lights are known to have a shorter lifespan and consume more power than LEDs, the latter is effective in increasing road visibility. If you have been wondering what factors you should consider when looking for best LED car headlights at iilumo, then you came to the right place.

Have you ever flashed your car's high beam at a vehicle with regular halogen bulbs and wondered why they didn't seem to brighten up the road?  Wouldn't it be better if everyone just had LED lights in their cars so that we could all see better at night?  Well, here are five facts that every driver should know about LED headlights.

  1.   Energy savers

Some customers think LED is just trying to be hip by using the latest technology. In some cases, this is true, however, LED lighting offers a number of benefits over traditional lighting.LED car bulb lights up faster, which is a major advantage over regular lights. As less energy is wasted on lighting your journey, more of the light reaches your eyes and makes things easier to see.

  1.   Immense visibility

If your car is not equipped with LED road lights or you have standard halogen headlight bulbs, then you will know how frustrating it can be switching between your headlights and dip-beam. The dip-beam doesn't instantly activate like an LED headlight instead, it's a gradual dimmer in the beginning stages of turning on. The faster the response time of the car lights, the better visibility you'll offer other motorists when you turn on your vehicle's lights.

  1.   Long life

The bulbs extremely long lifespan is a prime example of how LED bulbs outperform the rest. With a normal bulb, you can expect to replace them every year or two, but this is not the case with LED headlights. It can take up to 50,000 hours for an LED bulb to fail. The next best comparison is halogen bulbs at around 2,000 hours. Even they are considered good when compared to some other forms of light bulb such as fluorescent lights. However, they have a drastically less lifespan of between 5,000 – 15,000 hours.

  1.   Wide array

You might think that LED car bulbs are only available in white, but you'd be wrong. They're a fantastic way of showing off your individuality and can turn a mundane car into one that really stands out from the crowd.

LED car bulbs come in a wide array of rainbow colors from white, red, and yellow to blue, green, orange, and even hot pink. The light output is very different from the normal halogen bulbs you are probably used to. They are also more energy-efficient and last longer than the factory fitted lamps. LEDs are an excellent choice for any upgrade project you may be considering, such as replacing your headlights or fog lights. They have a modern look and feel and add that extra bit of style to any set-up.

  1.   Install them anywhere in your car

Car bulbs of today are much more than just headlights and taillights. Like the ones that come installed with your car, LED car bulbs can also be installed anywhere in the car to make it more dynamic and lively. LED car bulbs for the trunk, door panel, or even under the floorboard can be controlled via a special remote control. The LED lighting system is not limited to only the ground but can be placed above the roof as well. Of course, this makes the car more fancy and attractive.