Tyres are a critical part of the car and important in terms of safety, performance and efficiency, but despite their importance, many motorists do not know what the main signs are when tyres need to be changed. With this in mind, here are the main signs that you need to look out for and make sure that you change tyres ASAP when you see these signs.

Using the Right Tyres

As mentioned, tyres are important for safety, performance and efficiency, but they can become worn over time or suffer damage which will require them being replaced. When you do replace your tyres, it is critical that you find the right tyres for your vehicle, for instance, BMW 5 Series tyres if you drive this particular model – this will help to protect your car and to counter any of the following issues.

Lose Grip

If you lose grip on the roads then this is a clear sign that your tyres need replacing. Motorists often lose grip when the tyre tread depth is no longer sufficient  (or legal), which obviously is incredibly dangerous for the car, yourself and other road users as you could lose control and braking distances are increased.

Visible Damage

It is also intelligent to inspect and examine your tyres from time to time, especially before setting off on a long journey. You should lookout for signs of damage, which could include cuts, bulges, cracks and splits which will lead to a deterioration in performance and would be unsafe to drive on.

Tyres Keep Deflating

Motorists also need to check their tyre pressure on a regular basis and keep them topped up to the recommended level. If your tyres keep on deflating then you are likely to have a puncture, in which case you should get the tyre replaced as soon as possible.

Weird Noises and/or Vibrations

Weird noises and/or vibrations are always a concern when you are driving and not issues which can be ignored. Often, these are a symptom of an issue with the tyre and you should identify which one is causing the problem (you can usually do this by inspecting each one) and having it replaced.

Age & Mileage

Tyres will not last a lifetime, especially if you spend a lot of time behind the wheel. As a rule of thumb, it is recommended that tyres are changed at least every 10 years or 20,000 miles unless you experience any of the above in which case it should be sooner.

Hopefully, this post will help motorists to know what signs to look out for and make sure that they are always driving on tyres which are safe, legal and reliable. It is important to keep a close eye on your tyres and to change them when needed, which will improve the safety and performance of the car.

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