2021-Wheels-Tyres-2Whether it's a sports car, an SUV, a family car, or a used car, there's no better and easier way of transforming the look and feel of your ride than upgrading its wheels and tyres.

But you have to know what you're getting into when it comes to upgrading your car's wheels and tyres. So, to help you out, we've put together a handy guide on everything you should know before you buy a new set of wheels and tyres for your beautiful rims.

  • Learn To Study Your Tyres

If you take a closer look at your tyres, you'll see some letters and numbers engraved on the side. Let's say you see something like this ‘215/55R16 93H' on it. This combination of letters and numbers are very useful in helping you understand the purpose of the tyres on a car.

Let's start with ‘215' which is the measurement of the section width in millimeters. The next number, ‘55', is the ratio of the sidewall to the section width. Next, the ‘R' translates to radial construction. ‘16' is the interior diameter for fitting a 16-inch wheel. ‘93' is the load index or how much weight a single tyre can support.

  • Hub Size

Before you go and buy a new set of wheels from a shop like Simmons Wheels, you must make sure that you got the right measurements so you can determine which size you're going to buy. You must also consider the bolt pattern to see if the new wheel will fit.

Take note though that the wheel's hub size varies accordingly to car's make and model. A standard 16-inch wheel usually comes with a five-lug bolt pattern, which are usually expressed using a different kind of measurement. One good example of bolt pattern measurement is 5x100, which means it has five-wheel studs that are each 100mm in diameter. Be sure to check the correct hub size and bolt pattern of all your wheel before you buy a new set.

  • Don't Forget About the Fit

You may already have the size and the bolt pattern figured out, but you're not done yet. When it comes to upgrading your wheels and tyres, you also have to take into account the offset and backspacing.

Offset is the term used to call the distance from a wheel's center point to its mounting surface. Backspacing, on the other hand, is the distance from the wheel's back to the mounting surface. Check to see if the space for the offset and backspacing of your wheels are sufficient.

  • Know Where to Shops for New Wheels & Tyres

Now that you've got everything figured out, it's time to look for the best place to shop for new wheels and tyres. There are lots of places to purchase car tyres. But the most important thing is to find a shop that you can trust and will give you a good deal for a new set of tyres.

Like other car parts, the price of a new set of tyres will depend on the quality and type. If you to get new tyres fast and cheap, you may want to skip on specific tyre types or brands, especially the more expensive ones. But if you want something unique, you may want to pay more for it and wait a while before it arrives.

Before you purchase a new set of tyres, you might also want to look at online reviews, especially from car owners who has the same vehicle that you are buying your tires for. Cheap tyres may sound good at first for their low prices, but they might ride poorly, wear quickly, or suffer from other performance issues which explain their low price.

  • Find A Professional Who'll Install Your New Wheels & Tyres

It's also important to find a professional who'll install your new wheels and tyres before buying. You can always install the new wheels and tyres, but it's best to leave it to a professional so the installation process will be very smooth and quick.

Once the installation is finished, it's recommended to check your new wheels and tyres before leaving. There are some instances where wheels can be damaged during the installation process. Even a professional can make a mistake sometimes, so it's better to take any damage to your new wheels and tyres noted before driving away.



Upgrading to a new set of wheels and tyres may become quite expensive, especially if you are looking to upgrade to all-season tyres. This is also the reason why many car owners are buying used wheels. Note that buying used wheels is quite risky as you may end up purchasing stolen or abused sets. It's always best to get your new set of wheels and tyres from a reputable car shop.