2021-Car-Detailing-Tips-910Car detailing involves a full reconditioning and cleaning of your car's interior and exterior to protect it from the elements and to preserve its original appearance. It is also an excellent way to protect your car's resale value. Read on to find out eight car detailing tips to keep your car in excellent shape.

1.    Use the right soap

Most people go for dishwashing liquid when cleaning their car, but it's too harsh, and sucks crucial oil out your vehicle's finish. This can actually reduce the lifespan of your car's paint. A car detailer like Clear Water Detailing will use dedicated car wash soap for professional detailing. Using dedicated car wash and wax solutions helps to reinforce your vehicle's wax coats and paint rather than harm them.

2.    Rinse before washing

It is important to rinse your car with clean water before hitting it with soapy water. Otherwise, you will be grinding road grit and surface dust into your paint finish. A clean water rinse helps to remove dust and dirt before you start the cleaning.

3.    Clean the air vents

Cleaning the air vents makes your car smell and feel better. A lot of dirt particles and dust, as well as moisture, accumulates inside the vents, causing odor when the A/C and heat are running. For best and instant results, use a can of compressed air to blow out the vents.

4.    Shampoo your car every fortnight

Don't let your car get dirty until it screams out for professional detailing. Give it a wash every fortnight (two weeks) or so to preserve the paint and keep the interior tidy and fresh. Washing it regularly also helps to minimize unwanted abrasion and prevent the onset of rust.

5.    Remove swirl marks

Swirl marks are the superfine marks on your vehicle's paint and are normally caused by using the wrong sponge or clothing, or using one that's dirty. Many people think that covering the scratches with wax will remove them, but this is not the case. The best way to eliminate these marks is by giving your car quality polish.

6.    Rinse your sponge regularly during washing

Rinsing your sponge regularly when cleaning helps to minimize the risk of swirl marks. Dirt particles on the sponge can easily cause swirl marks, so try to keep the sponge as clean as possible by rinsing it in a separate bucket.

7.    Don't forget the tires

Tires are among the most important parts of your vehicle and the closest to the road, and the dirt, dust, and wear really shows. When washing your vehicle, ensure you focus on them to bring a full sparkle to your car. You'll need a good brush and a dedicated tire cleaner for this job.

8.    Use synthetic wax

While old-style paste waxes look great on antique cars, they don't last long and don't have the same 'wet look' as a modern synthetic wax.


These car detailing tips will help you keep your car looking tidy and smelling fresh. For best results, consider hiring professional detailers to do the work for you.