2021-EV-Modifications-910There has been a great need for the modification of electric vehicles over the years. This need arose due to the increase in demand for electric cars. Countries like the US and France have plans and foresight to stop the sales of petrol by 2040. This is a major reason why many people are switching from the use of cars fueled by gasoline to electrically powered vehicles.

Electric vehicles are different from other vehicles. First, they run on electricity, unlike other vehicles that run on petrol and diesel. Second, they have an electric motor together with a rechargeable battery.

Unlike traditional automobiles, electric vehicles don't require the use of a clutch, gearbox, or exhaust pipes. They offer a smoother way to drive and make less noise. Read on all for all you need to know about modifying your electric vehicles.

Electric Car Modifications

There are several things that can be modified in an electric vehicle, including structural modifications like roof rack awning and window tinting. However, if you want to improve the performance of your car, you'd have to make some electric changes to the battery, electric motors, and so on to increase its speed and power.

Here are some of the common modifications you can make to your electric car:

1. Battery Upgrades & Cooling

Upgrading your battery capacity will make your car run at a very high voltage. Cars are often more enjoyable when they can move at high speed. Power would also be released more effectively and automatically with a battery upgrading. You also have the option of swapping your old batteries for new ones as they usually age and degrade with time and use.

In addition to the above, you can also improve the cooling system of the battery of the electric car. Most electric vehicles are designed to cut or reduce power when the temperature of the batteries reaches a certain limit. So, if you can get to modify the cooling system of the battery, you would have more power in your hands.

2. Electric Motors

The primary feature that distinguishes electric cars from all other types of cars is electric motors, which power the vehicle. You can describe electric motors as the heart of electric vehicles. Admittedly, modifying the electric motors is challenging, but you can add more motors to your electric car with the right tools.

Modifying or adding more motors to your EV help to generate power for the vehicle such that the output from the car is about two times more than the original setup. If you only have two electric motors, your EV should still be able to two more to make four motors.

3. Computer Car Management

Mastery of the computer management system of a car will enable you to gain access to its settings and adjust it to give more power. The car computer management system is in charge of deciding how much power would be distributed to each electric motor. A lot of factors determine this, which include the range, battery temperature, and energy demand.

Usually, the power produced by EVs is trimmed and streamlined to cater to the vehicle's requirements. You can modify a car's computer management system to increase performance or allow modifications, but you should also know that this can affect the warranty on the vehicle.

4. Inverter Modifications

The function of the inverter is to change the battery's direct current to an alternating current for the motor. You should know that as the motor moves faster, the switching rate for AC current occurs faster. Summarily the speed of the motor is proportional to the switching rate for the alternating current.

Also, the higher the frequency, the higher the power output from the motors. Although manufacturers usually set maximum switching rates for each motor, you can assume that they would not want to go beyond safe settings, and so, there can be room for a little more modifications.

5. EV Tuning to Increase Speed

Currently, gas-powered cars may have more advantages than electric vehicles because they can reach tip speeds for longer periods. For electric vehicles to be a perfect match or even become able competitors with gas-powered cars, you may want to consider EV tuning.

All you need to make your electric vehicles go faster is to increase the battery's capacity, current, and cabling. This is, however, not as simple as it sounds. You would need the knowledge of coding, electrical engineering, overclocking, and computer programming to make this work.



Modifications of electric vehicles may involve a lot of technical knowledge and support. In fact, EV tuning is a totally different engine system, so your previous knowledge and experience with traditional automobiles might do little or no help. You might need a professional to get the modifications right. Following the guide above can help you learn where to get started and areas you may want to improve.