2021-Car-Audio-Speakers-910A good-quality car audio battery lets you listen to the radio freely without having to worry about it dying anytime soon. If you have a powerful audio system, it could drain your battery faster than average and impact the rest of your vehicle's performance.

Luckily, this is easy enough to avoid with the help of great car audio batteries, such as the AGM battery. Let's find out more about this and other car audio battery types and their benefits to help your ride stay fully powered.

What Does a Car Audio Battery Do?

You can't just rely on your car's main battery all the time. You also need to supplement power from sources like the car audio battery to ensure optimal vehicular performance in the long run.

Improves Main Battery's Durability

The OEM battery is your car's ultimate power source and gives life to all the equipment in it. However, it doesn't have the extra energy to fuel parts installed outside of the factory, including an upgraded stereo.

For this, you would need a secondary battery in the form of a car audio battery. Aside from allowing your high-powered radio to run at the same time as everything else, it also holds extra power to fuel power windows.

Listen to Your Radio While Parking

Sometimes, it feels good to just hang out in the car and listen to music. An extra battery ensures the main batt doesn't get too strained from too much of this activity. It should also keep you from feeling the need to cut the leisurely activity short for fear of your main battery dying way ahead of schedule.

A Less Expensive Secondary Power Source

A secondary battery for car stereo systems comes in the form of a capacitor. It can offer your vehicle and all its parts a burst of power when necessary. The problem is, it's a more expensive alternative and tends to occupy more space. That makes it not nearly as practical as a car audio battery.

Car Audio Battery Types

In your quest for the ideal car audio power source, you will come across the following types of batteries for car audio:

AGM Battery

An absorbed glass mat battery is a product of the latest in cell technology, providing users the best of all battery types. It has the seal and no-maintenance factor of the gel battery and lead-acid in its tender (like the lead-acid battery), making it a cost-effective option.

Its super-secure construction also allows one to position it sideways without risking spills. Top this all off with power unrivaled by any battery type, and you have the number one pick for car audio batteries on the market.

Lead-Acid Battery

Otherwise known as a flooded lead-acid battery, this type is among the most affordable car audio battery options out there. These cheap and unsealed batteries are very easy to find and need to be topped off with distilled water regularly to prevent damage.

While still being used today, it's on a steady downhill slope towards unpopularity because of its high risk of spillage. The reason? You'll need to unseal the battery before you can top it off.

Gel-Cell Battery

A level above the lead-acid battery and a few steps below the AGM is the gel-cell battery. As its name suggests, it's no longer water inside its cells but electrolyte gel. Unlike the lead-acid battery, the gel cell requires no maintenance. There's no need to unseal or top off the battery at all. Plus, the vibration-resistant gel inside the cells makes the battery highly unlikely to spill.

What Does Pricing Indicate?

Price can be very telling when it comes to car audio batteries. Here's what the different price ranges for these products indicate:

Over $150

This is where you usually find the best car stereo system and subwoofer batteries. They come with a whole host of features absent in cheaper versions, including a closed-cell battery, vibration resistance, heat protection, and super-high power outputs. On the off chance that budget isn't an issue, you want to go for products in this price range.

Under $150

Going for car amplifier batteries in this price range means expecting the inconveniences that may come along with them. Naturally, these options have lower power outputs, not as many features (they will particularly lack safety features), and have unsealed battery cells. All these indicate a shorter and perhaps messier battery life.

AGM Batteries Are the Choice Car Audio Batteries

An AGM battery gives you the best value for your money. It's an incredibly powerful cell battery with tightly packed cells and high currents to power both simple and advanced car stereo systems. It offers the best of gel-cell and lead-acid batteries at such an affordable price that it's hard to pick against it no matter your purpose.