Driving like Kristensen and Capello – sporty, dynamic and at the limits of what is physically possible. Which car fan hasn't imagined at some time what it's like to lap one of the leading international racetracks in a captivating sports car like the Audi R8? Now, for 25 winners of a competition in "Autozeitung", this dream has come true.

On July 19, 2008 the lucky readers of the magazine have been invited to take part in a driver training session at the EuroSpeedway Lausitz. The car: the Audi R8, a truly exceptional sports car. With instruction from Audi driving experience, they will explore the limits of what is physically possible, and get to know the R8's supreme sporty character and performance. As on all these driver training sessions, safety and fun are of primary importance.

The day's training begins with a short introduction to driving theory, then section-by-section training follows. Participants get to know the special features of the racetrack – and the R8 – and work out the ideal line to take through each corner, before tackling a full lap of the circuit.

Audi R8 Lausitzring Driving Experience, 1 of 4
Audi R8 Lausitzring Driving Experience, 2 of 4
Audi R8 Lausitzring Driving Experience, 3 of 4
Audi R8 Lausitzring Driving Experience, 4 of 4

The EuroSpeedway Lausitz, in Germany's Southern Brandenburg, is one of the largest, most modern motor sport and event locations anywhere in the world. The racetrack and testing grounds cover an area of 370 hectares, twice as large as the Principality of Monaco. On this multifunctional site, there are up to 13 different racetrack configurations.

The Audi driving experience includes other training units as well as racetrack training. Efficiency training shows how to improve fuel economy without making driving less fun. Essentials for low fuel consumption are concentration, the ability to look well ahead and conscious control of accelerator movements. Participants can also book driver and safety training sessions or an adventure tour to an unusual destination.