The question of the hour is Audi Q5 ( Diesel / Petrol ) or Audi Q4 Electric, which roughly translates to Pump or Plug? The good thing about the two options is they're both equipped with Audi parts which means, either way, one is in good hands.


The mileage of the Q5 is good as it will average 150,000-200,000 miles if maintained properly.

The Audi Q5 is an excellent reliable luxury car option. It averages 450 miles on a full tank of gas which doubles that of the 240 miles on the Audi Q4 on a single charge.


The Audi Q4 dimensions are smaller than the Q5, which is advantageous for parking, as it will be easier to manoeuvre into parking spots. The interior of the Q4 is designed to be more spacious and stealthily smooth. The difference between the Q4 and the Q5 is very marked in this regard.

The focus of the Q4 e-Tron is comfort and practicality.

Tax Incentives

The most lucrative offer of the e-Tron is the tax incentive.

The Audi Q4 is currently zero-rated for tax in the entire UK. This is hugely advantageous to people with long commutes or frequent travel as it will be light on the pocket in the long run. The Q4 is only applicable to the EV ChargePoint grant; however, it is exempt from the London Congestion Charge until 2025, which means three years of fuel efficiency and cost savings.

In Manchester, the EV Domestic ChargePoint Grant can be used in combination to reduce the installation cost of home charging.

The monthly road tax of the Q5 is also an additional charge to bear in mind when comparing both.

Charging Costs

The edge that the diesel Q5 has over the e-Tron Q4 is, of course, the cost of adding a charger to your home, which is quite significant.

In the long run, one has to weigh the convenience of charging stations vs fuel costs which are steadily rising and susceptible to global market conditions.

The cost of charging the Q4 e-Tron at home averages £14.42 from empty to full; however, this depends on your area's electricity rate.

Charging Stations

One thing to be mindful of is that there are several charging points in the UK.

These EV charging bays are available at supermarket parking spots like Tesco, which

make access easy and convenient, as the car can charge while one does their shopping.

There are also many Rapid Charging Stations, and a complete list of places one can connect to is available on apps. The charging stations are available at many places.

Investment Cost

The Audi Q4 seems more advantageous in many regards. However, the question is, is it an investment that many can afford? The insurance cost alone for Q4 is pretty high. This is no surprise since it is a complete luxury electric car and falls under that plan with insurance companies.

The maintenance of a diesel car is also expensive over the long run.


In conclusion, they are both excellent options with both having their own set of advantages. The Q5 gives better mileage while the Q4 is more cost-efficient in the long run.