If there is one thing that everyone agrees with when discussing Honda cars is that they are very reliable. This is why used car tops from all around the world and in practically all categories showcase numerous Honda models. In fact, thinking about the best used Honda cars you can buy right now is not an easy task.

With every single range of new cars released by Honda, technology is improved with reliability being the most important factor taken into account. You cannot really go wrong with any Honda car, but if you want the best used options, here they are. These are the best used Honda cars you can buy right now.

Honda Civic – Models From 2007 Onward

The Civic is Honda's most loved car and it is very easy to understand why. It was initially introduced around 40 years ago but you want to look for the models manufactured after 2007 because they are definitely the best.

The Honda Civics manufactured after 2007 solved most of the problems that plagued the past models. This included some serious problem s, like cracked engine blocks. Honda did work out all the kinks. The only choice that you have to make is all about the budget if you want to buy a Honda Civic since newer models obviously cost more.

Honda Accord – Models From 2013 Onward

Accord is larger than the Civic so if you need space, you have to consider it. It is impossible to recommend Honda Accords manufactured during the nineties because reliability was not that high. However, the sixth generation does get a get out of jail free card as it was very good. The seventh generation, the one on the market between 2003 and 2007, was not that great. Neither was the generation between 2008 and 2012. This is why you have to consider the Accord Hondas built after 2013.

Honda Prelude – Models Between 1993 And 2000

This might come as a surprise for some but the truth is that when you want to go for the older Honda selection and stand out of the crowd, the Prelude is a great contender. This car is still a blast when driving and reliability is very high. You want to choose a car manufactured between the mentioned years because there were complaints with models before 1993 and after 2000.

Considering Other Hondas?

We cannot talk about every single Honda model released and the different generations. This is why we recommended only the top 3. However, we have to acknowledge the fact that it is very easy to find a very reliable used Honda that you can buy.

All that you have to do is to research before you purchase. Also, an inspection is definitely a very good idea. There are always some bad models launched by automakers but the great thing about Hondas is that there are fewer bad ones out there than good ones. This is actually quite rare to see in the entire auto industry and there are not many other brands that can make such a bold claim.