2019-Automobile-Loan-910When buying an automobile, dealerships offer several payment methods to their clients. However, many people are not able to the full amount upfront, and which is why they search for options that will help them finance a vehicle. If you are also struggling, then look at the two top ways Canadians get a car, with their pros and cons.


If you decide to lease a vehicle, then you will have to sign a contract with a bank or company that will let you use the car for an agreed-upon period. You will have to pay a monthly lease to, as well as get insurance and maintain the vehicle till the end date. When the set period ends, the automobile will not become your property; however, people have the option to purchase and claim ownership.


Leasing a car does have certain benefits like you only have to pay the depreciation amount of the vehicle instead of the full value. Also, the contracts don't usually last long, and you have the option to lease a brand new car as soon as the previous ends.


However, its disadvantages make it a less appealing option. There will be many restrictions placed on the car. For example, you can't go above a certain number of kilometers in a year. If you violate the terms of the agreement, the company will add fines to your bill.


Loans can be directly taken from a bank, lending company, or credit union to pay the full price of the car. You can negotiate the length of time, interest rate, and monthly payments before committing to an agreement. You don't necessarily have to take out a loan for the entire amount of a vehicle, try to dip into your savings too.


There are many appealing benefits of taking out auto loans. Since you are paying the full price, the car will be your rightful property. There will be no restrictions on what you do with the vehicle. Finally, you can pay the remaining value at any stage without being subjected to any additional charges.


The length of the term is longer than a lease, and the monthly payments are higher. However, its benefits outweigh its disadvantages.

What You Can Do With No/Bad Credit

It can be challenging for some people to get a loan or lease a car. If you recently migrated to Canada, then you will have no credit score. And a bad credit if you went through financial devastation. Banks or companies will consider you a risk, and will not take any chances.

However, there are several ways you can get a good credit rating. You can improve your standing by opening bank accounts, getting a credit card, or take out a small loan and keeping up with its payments. That will show the companies that you are reliable and trustworthy.

If you are still having trouble with your credit score, or can't wait to buy a car, many establishments offer a subprime rate. These will have many more restrictions and a higher interest rate, but financial companies will help you pick out a car that is still in your range.