General Motors is mounting a nationwide campaign to reinforce the benefits of using a Vauxhall, Chevrolet or Saab Approved Bodyshop for accident repairs rather than risk a sub-standard job by entrusting your car to untrained technicians.

The campaign focuses on the wide range of steels now used by vehicle manufacturers in production. Without manufacturer bodyshop training and approved welding equipment, independent crash repair technicians will find it difficult to tell a high strength, press hardened or isotropic steel from mild, bake hardened or dual phase steels, so how will they be able to weld or repair it correctly?

GM is currently running a comprehensive series of training programmes to bring technicians working in over 150 Vauxhall, Chevrolet and Saab Approved Bodyshops throughout the UK up to speed with all the latest materials used in car assembly, and the techniques required to repair and return these cars back to their pre-accident condition.

Use a GM Approved Bodyshop

Topics covered include new generation steels and related materials, body joining techniques, MIG brazing (where and when to use it), programmable welding equipment, body measurement procedures, repair and replacement of structural and non-structural panels and eradication of panel damage to steel and aluminium panels.

"Unfortunately accidents do happen," says GM's Accident Repair Manager Bernard Berman, "especially through the autumn and winter months with wet and icy roads, reduced visibility and greater traffic congestion.

"When they do, our advice to drivers of our vehicles is to think carefully before letting someone else decide on the quality of your repairs. Our bodyshop technicians are fully conversant with the latest technology to assess and restore your Vauxhall, Chevrolet or Saab to its original condition, so it will drive and protect you to exactly the same standard as when you bought it."