BMW Motorsport made it again. It was an exciting race at the Nordschleife circuit and No. 25 BMW M3 GT2 won the 24h race. Audi dominated in qualifying and Porsche looked set to make history, but BMW ended up on top after 154 laps in the annual Nurburgring 24 Hours.

The No. 25 BMW Team Schnitzer M3 GT2 of of Jorg Müller, Augusto Farfus, Uwe Alzen and Pedro Lamy managed to take the win, despite of an overnight radiator change and late-race gearbox concerns.

The #1 Manthey Porsche managed to get from 7th on the grid up to 1st on the opening lap, a position it held for the first few hours before crashing early in the night.

Porsche GT3 R Hybrid took the lead up until the 22nd hour and was the top pretender for writing the history books by winning 24h race, but the car had a big engine problems with less than two hours remaining. The race was over for Jörg Bergmeister, Richard Lietz, Marco Holzer and Martin Ragginger.

That gave the slower, but more reliable BMW the lead and the victory in a weekend that was dominated by Audi and Porsche teams.

The No. 26 Schnitzer BMW of Dirk Müller, Dirk Werner, Dirk Adorf and Andy Priaulx managed to recover from  a first-hour accident to finish seventh overall.

There were 220 000 fans on the Nurburgring race track, which is 15.5 mile long and one of the toughest circuits in the world.

BMW made it, they won the Nurburgring 24h race proving once again that M Power is the best of the best.

BMW M3 E92 GT2 02

Position No. Make Laps Time
1 25 BMW M3 GT2 154 12:17.344
2 43 Ferrari F 430 GTC 154 9:33.019
3 97 Audi R8 LMS 153 9:32.691
4 76 BMW Z4 GT3 152 10:37.803
5 102 Audi R8 LMS 152 10:51.149
6 20 Porsche GT3 Cup S 151 9:27.493
7 26 BMW M3 GT2 150 10:52.452
8 18 Porsche GT3 Cup S 150 10:41.858
9 69 BMW Z4 GT3 149 10:04.650
10 35 Porsche 997 GT3 Cup 148 10:05.529
11 14 Porsche 997 GT3 Cup 147 9:51.098
12 44 Nissan Z 33 145 10:15.261
13 11 Porsche GT3 RS 145 9:56.683
14 33 Porsche GT3 Cup 145 10:01.348
15 133 Audi TTS 144 10:13.279