The US branch of the German automobile maker BMW will present the BMW Vision Future Luxury concept at the upcoming 2014 Pebble Beach event, marking the North American premiere of the vehicle. According to BMW, the BMW Vision Future Luxury is a blend of forward-looking fusion of exclusivity and innovation as well as driving experience that is both exclusive and emotional. All this comes true thanks to its groundbreaking interior and exterior design and an innovative driver's interface that takes care of the needs of all occupants inside the vehicle.

"Innovative technology and modern luxury have always been an important part of BMW's brand DNA," says Adrian van Hooydonk, Senior Vice President BMW Group Design. "We use visionary concept vehicles like the BMW Vision Future Luxury to show where we may be going with these themes in the future, and to give us new inspiration and motivation. The BMW Vision Future Luxury – with its innovative technologies and with meticulous precision and quality in every detail – takes our thinking on modern luxury a logical stage further."

The looks of the BMW Vision Future Luxury can naturally be divided in two – exterior and interior and we will take a look at both here. On the inside the new vehicle combines both form and function with a bunch of new and innovative technologies. The car has been subdued to the design principle of subtractive modeling. This means that the specific geometry and functions of an individual component are created from one and the same layered composite structure, comprising many different levels and materials. The base layer of the car is made of fine carbon fabric that then turns into a load-carrying layer of aluminum for additional strength. The top layers of the car are made of wood and then leather for a warm and comfortable ambience. Up front the driver is surrounded by a cluster of three intermeshing displays that create the typical BMW driver-centric cockpit. The three-dimensional display technology means that at the visual level the instrument panel styling appears to carry over into the displays themselves. In other words, to the eye the interior space seems to continue into the solid structures of the instrument panel, generating an impression of unprecedented depth and spaciousness. The left-hand display mainly presents vehicle-related information, while in the centre a programmable cluster displays speedometer, rev counter and other information, as well as context-adaptive supplementary data, which is displayed as and when relevant. Meanwhile, the right-hand display – the Driver Information Display – provides additional infotainment information. The driver also has the option of controlling all these functions by voice command. The main display, however, is the BMW Vision Head Up Display. It augments the driver's view of the real world out there by displaying information directly in the driver's line of sight onto the road. This technology gives a new dimension to driver assistance functions such as Speed Limit Info, where road signs can be identified and highlighted in the driver's field of view, or the Traffic Light Assistant, which provides real-time information about traffic light phasing. Each passenger also has an information display. It is connected to the Driver Information Display via a touch-sensitive panel, where information can be exchanged between driver and front passenger using swiping movements.

On the outside the BMW Vision Future Luxury packs a long wheelbase, short overhangs and a finely sculpted contour line that create a refined dynamism and a special emotional appeal. The used Liquid Platinum Bronze exterior paintwork generates a warm and shimmering effect. The airflow of the car has also been optimized thanks to advanced aerodynamics and a coupe-style roofline. Up front the BMW Vision Future Luxury comes with a twin kidney grille and twin headlights that hide an innovative technology called BMW Laserlight. It sets new standards in terms of brightness, range and intensity thanks to a beam that is up to 10 times more intense than that of a LED system. In addition it has lower power consumption. In the back OLED lighting provides rear lights for the first time in BMW history. They are L-shaped for additional style.

Interested? Then you can see the BMW Vision Future Luxury on Sunday, August 17 on the concept car lawn at the 2014 Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance.

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Source: BMW