As the true race heads know, this year Nissan is celebrating four decades of its ultra-successful Z-ride. But besides that anniversary, this year also marks four decades of the car's first ever championship title, which has been secured by Peter Brock's Southern California-based Brock Racing Enterprises (BRE) racing team at the SCCA (Sports Car Club of America) National Championships at Road Atlanta.

Back in the days, the number 46 championship car was dressed with the now famous red, white and blue BRE paint scheme styled by Peter Brock. In acknowledgement of BRE's championship titles, Nissan of America has again teamed up with Brock to develop a nowadays edition of the famous BRE livery, an exclusively refined 2010 Nissan NISMO 370Z Coupe.

The BRE 370Z will make its first official public appearance at the special BRE Reunion dinner at the Classic Motorsports Mitty at Road Atlanta on Thursday, April 29 and will be displayed throughout the weekend along with a 40th Anniversary Edition 370Z and a large collection of the famous BRE racecars. Brock, Morton and many of the original BRE team members will be in attendance, as the BRE team is being recognized this year as The Mitty's honored historic racing team.

Brock shares: "To be able to gather with many of my old BRE crew members at Road Atlanta this year is a truly special occasion. There will be so many race fans of that era who will join us to celebrate, as well as modern vintage teams which will be bringing their own tribute BRE racers to compete on this fabulous circuit."

The muscular body of the remarkable Nissan 370Z gave Brock a superb canvas to exercise his design skills and update the BRE livery. He worked closely with the painters to finalize the details and make sure it met his exacting standards.

Block continued: "Because the 370Z has strong, sculpted shapes, I was able to make the livery even bolder and more aggressive. It was good to be in the paint booth working out the details of the design. I look forward to seeing it in a race track setting at The Mitty."

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