Most pickup truck owners have chosen trucks over other types of vehicles for the utility they can provide. After all, when properly upgraded, a truck can be a serious workhorse. But not even the brand-new, fully-loaded models deliver the full potential of a truck right off of the lot. To unlock the true potential of a pickup, it's up to the owner to make a few key modifications of their own. Exactly which modifications will depend on each driver and what exactly they want out of their truck. Here are some of the top truck accessories in the industry.

Tonneau Covers

Whether you need to lock up the contents of your truck bed or just protect your gear from rain and other weather, a custom-fitting tonneau cover is the key. Whether you prefer a hard-folding tonneau cover, a soft-folding tonneau cover, or a metallic retractable tonneau cover, you'll be able to cover or uncover your payload in a matter of seconds.

An added benefit to the hard-folding or retractable truck bed covers is along with a locking tailgate, they'll keep your tools and equipment locked up like Fort Knox. But whether your tonneau cover is hard or soft, it can keep rain off of your cargo, keep your cargo out of site, and it can even improve your gas mileage by reducing the amount of drag from your truck bed.

Nerf Bars and Running Boards

The bigger the truck and the bigger its tires, the harder it is for you and your passengers to climb inside. That's why durable side steps such as running boards or nerf bars are a popular upgrade for pickup trucks.

Running boards offer a flat, traction-covered surface along the entire length of your cab. This provides a reliable step that you and your passengers can use to climb in and out of your cab, or to use as a stepping stool to help when securing rooftop cargo. While they serve a similar purpose, nerf bars tend to be round or oval metal bars which feature textured stepping pads at each of your doors. Nerf bars offer a more rugged, off-road look than sleek and stylish running boards.

Truck Bed Mats

Truck bed mats are perfect for protecting the finish of your truck bed as well as the tools you toss into it. Custom-made to fit your pickup's make and model exactly, a truck bed mat will fall right into place and provide a layer of cushioning that can keep your truck looking great for years to come. A bed liner also provides much needed traction for the loose items in your bed. You don't want to damage your cargo or the sides of your bed when you hit a sharp turn, and a bed liner can help keep everything in place.

As opposed to a spray-in bed liner, a custom-made truck bed mat can be easily removed when it comes time to sell your truck. Though you may choose to throw it in and raise the resale value of your rig, your pool of prospective buyers will be larger when the truck bed liner is not a permanent modification.

Image Source: Google Images