2019-Hyundai-Vehicle-910Finally, you've got the savings to purchase a new car. Your dream is finally setting closer towards becoming a reality. Now that you've got an essential part done and settled, it's time for you to make another critical decision. With the numerous car brands to choose from in Rochester, what brand should your car be? Yes, narrowing down your options can be a little bit hard.

Why not give Hyundai a second look? It might just be the car of your dreams. Here's why:

1. They're Reliable

Hyundai is a reliable Korean brand that has been in business for over fifty years now. That's five decades worth of experience. If it isn't reliable, it won't, in fact, even last that long in the industry.

Additionally, it's currently the third-largest car manufacturer in the world. And, it has dealers in over 193 countries worldwide. This further proves Hyundai's reliability. Else, it won't even make it that popular in such a competitive industry as automotive.

Hyundai also has different models and makes for you to choose from. Whether you're up for a small sedan, or a huge family van, there's something for every preference at Hyundai. Lastly, its quality doesn't disappoint, too.

Hence, purchasing a car from Hyundai Rochester is a good choice.

2. They're Constantly Given An Accolade

When you're spending thousands of dollars for your car, is it not that you'd want to bring home one that's highly awarded? The Hyundai boasts of being this vehicle.

As examples, here are some of the awards that Hyundai consistently receives:

  • IIHS Top Safety Pick + Awards for the Hyundai Sonata, Elantra, and Santa Fe
  • IIHS Top Safety Pick Awards for the Hyundai Santa Fe Sport, Tucson, and Sonata
  • NHTSA 5-Star Overall Safety Rating for the Hyundai Sonata, Santa Fe, Santa Fe Sport, and Tucson
  • 10 Coolest Cars Under 18,000 USD for the Hyundai Veloster

3. The Company Has An Impressive Warranty System

When you're buying a car, another factor that you should also consider is the warranty. Should anything happen to your vehicle within the warranty period, it's going to be to your advantage to have free repairs.

With Hyundai, they're very generous with their warranties. It's way more than the standard of other companies. With other car brands, they usually limit their warranty period only to three years, with 60,000 miles. Hyundai, on the other hand, offers a five-year warranty.

Along with this warranty, the company also has a program known as the Hyundai Assistance. This gives you 24/7 assistance during the five years. You can have access to unlocking your car, towing, refueling, and even a rescue for a suddenly dead battery.

4. They're Always On Top Of Their Safety

Hyundai provides you with nothing but the safest cars. The Hyundai company, in general, hasn't failed in terms of safety. Especially so that they're a Korean brand, they're also very up-to-date with the latest safety technologies, which are all incorporated into their cars.

Examples of the safety features that you can find on the Hyundai vehicle includes:

  • Rear parking sensors, which helps avoid any collision while you're parking in a tight area
  • Lane departure warning keeps you alert of possible vehicles that you can't see as you change lanes
  • Brake assist increases the strength of the brakes when you need to do so under high pressure or a sudden jolt
  • Blindspot detection, which beeps when there are vehicles in your blind spot

5. They Sell Fuel-Efficient Cars

In addition to the other features, Hyundai also offers very fuel-efficient cars. This works because of the fuel expense savings that you'll have. Especially when you have to use the car every day, this is a cost that can pile up.

Also, you're contributing to a lesser carbon footprint. In your little way, you're also becoming a little bit more environment-friendly.


These are only a few of the many reasons for you to go for a Hyundai. Although the choice of a final purchase still boils down to a matter of preference, this is one decision that you aren't going to regret.

The Hyundai is an established name in the auto industry. Its quality doesn't fail, the price is just right, and even its overall physical look is impressive.

With this article, who knows, you might be one step closer towards taking home the Hyundai car that meets your preferences.