It is always tricky to find the best used car for you on the market. There are several things you need to do, before even start searching.

First, you have to decide what brand you prefer. After that you should choose between model range and different engines. If you have sporty nature and like the sound of hi-revving engine, you need a petrol one, but on the other hand, if you prefer piece and quite trip, you need a diesel. After you pick out model and engine that suit you perfectly, you should nominate several particular cars on the market and here comes the tricky part.

When you examine a particular vehicle, you should look carefully for overspray. If there are such, it may indicate recent crash damage. You also have to check out the tires, if there is plenty of thread and if, they are not too old (check the DOT – production date). Other important thing for checking is evidence of welds in the sills or bonnet struts.

When you go for a test drive, you should check brakes, if there are any signs of steering wheel shaking, when you brake hard. This indicates twisted or broken brake discs. You also have to check the mileage and warning lamps on the dashboard. It is good to try the capability of the air conditioning even if it is cold outside. Try all buttons on the dashboard as well as the hand brake, steering wheel and other features.

Last, but not least, you should check all documents, if they are present and correct – MOT, V5, all receipts, up to date Logbook and Handbook present.

If everything seems alright, you should only negotiate the price and buy you dream vehicle.

Good luck!

Used Cars