CARL EDWARDS – No. 60 Save a Lot Ford Fusion – POLE WINNER "This is a tough place to pass.  I think that the concrete surface stays pretty much the same in qualifying to the race and everything.  If you're fast in qualifying, hopefully, I guess historically, that's translated into a fast race car for the race.  I'm just so proud of my Save a Lot guys.  We worked really hard in practice and we tried a bunch of different things. We haven't been running as well as I think we should lately.  It's really cool for PK [crew chief Pierre Kuettel] and the guys to work extra hard to get us a fast race car.  It's good.  My just really proud of my guys.  I stopped in at Save a Lot down the street this week and hopefully that's good luck. Hopefully we get a good race in today.  My guys have done a great job. PK, Darrell Morrow and all the guys.  We haven't run as well as I think we should have run for a while now and we've been working really hard.  This is a great start to our rebound.  Hopefully it translates to a win.  This is a fun race tracks." YOU'RE SO GOOD ON CONCRETE, TODAY MIGHT BE THE DAY FOR A WIN."  Yeah, I don't know why we've run really well at these places.  The just usually have great race cars for me.  I hope this ones one of them.  To win a race for Save a Lot, it would be great.  We've been really close.  I think we've wrecked almost every time I've been in one of these race cars, so hopefully, we turn that around today and we can get a win.  That would be spectacular."