General Motors is currently busy developing the 2014 Chevrolet Corvette and in the last week have revealed details for the all-new V8 engine that will power the American icon.

The 6.2-litre V8 will be the first of Chevy's new ‘Gen 5' range of small block V8s that will span across its entire family. This specific example is set for the new ‘Vette and has been completely reworked from the version in the outgoing C6 model.

Chevrolet have been trying very hard to make the C7's engine a minor revelation to those that have come before it and the details released certainly make for interesting reading. First of all, the block will be made completely from aluminium for weight-saving purposes, but that's just the start.

Named the LT1, the new engine will allow for 450bhp and 450 lbs ft of torque which is a fair bit more than the LS3 V8 plant it replaces. Not only does it have a larger power output, but is also much more efficient in how it runs, predominantly because of the implementation of direct fuel injection.

Direct fuel injection means that the fuel is pumped directly into the combustion chamber and so the fuel is burnt more efficiently. It's a method that even the likes of Ferrari and other supercar manufacturers have be drawn into using and to good effect; spraying the fuel into the engine directly not only makes it more responsive, but also spares wasted fuel in the pipelines.

Other forms of technology that ensures that the ‘Vettes' new engine is more efficient include a new fuel management system and variable valve timing, with contoured pistons and deeper set spark plugs also helping the cause. A first time for Chevrolet is cylinder deactivation technology, which shuts off four of the eight cylinders when full power output isn't required.

Whilst fuel costs don't tend to be the Corvette drivers' most pressing issue, they might be glad to know that all this adds up to a fuel economy of around 26mpg, which isn't bad considering the power plant under the bonnet. However, chances are, you'll not be requiring your Shell Card to make you journeys even cheaper, although every little helps.

Fuel costs might also be aided by the Corvette's body shell, which has never been a particularly heavy component of the car. In terms of design, the body will follow most of the model's typical style cues, but with added touches to bring a modern edge to the car's design.

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