The latest commercial to feature Citroën's cult C4 robot, sees the talented android with rhythm transported to the streets of Manhattan to strut its stuff for the launch of the restyled and updated New Look C4.

Set to the current hit-remix, ‘Staying Alive' by MC Lita (aka Klas Ahlund), the 50-second commercial saw its first airing on Channel 4 on Sunday 14th September.

The advert features a funked-up version of the New Look C4 robot – complete with jewelled teeth, disco lights and glitter-ball beret – dancing a series of contemporary urban and classic disco moves as it vaults around New York's streetscape checking its reflection in skyscrapers and swinging from subway scaffolding.

The latest advert is the fourth to feature the dancing C4 robot, which has become an internet viral sensation since its first award-winning advert appeared in 2005.

Citroen C4 Robot, 1 of 5
Citroen C4 Robot, 2 of 5
Citroen C4 Robot, 3 of 5
Citroen C4 Robot, 4 of 5
Citroen C4 Robot, 5 of 5

Citroën's low CO2 emitting New Look C4 is on sale this September with a restyled exterior, new equipment levels and a series of new petrol engines co-developed with BMW which deliver a combination of fuel economy and green performance.