Car tuning doesn't always go smoothly, but people tend to overlook obvious mistakes because their impact isn't felt immediately. If you are planning to tune your car, it is worthwhile to understand your needs, so you know what is achievable and what's not. Here are six of the most common tuning mistakes car owners make and ways to avoid them:

1.    Entrusting the process with an amateur

Car tuning is different from vehicle repair, and this means that a car repair expert isn't automatically qualified for a tuning assignment. Ensure the person that tunes your car has handled similar tasks before. Find a dedicated expert if you want a specific aspect of your vehicle upgraded. A company like XK Glow, for instance, specializes in car and motorcycle lighting and, therefore, has the right equipment and better-qualified personnel for a lighting upgrade than an overall modification company.

2.    Reducing the weight too much

Improving your car's performance requires extreme tweaks on several aspects, but car owners happen to focus too much on weight reduction. There is nothing wrong with this if it produces the desired performance results at the end of the day, but it can significantly trim your car's usability and comfort. For one, you might want to remove the heater and take away like 5kg, but how are you going to survive the winter? Do what you have to improve performance, just never at the expense of function and efficiency.

3.    Following the trends

The evolution of automobile design has come a long way. Cars today aren't even remotely close to what they used to be 20 or 50 years ago. However, fitting your vehicle with trendy parts isn't always the right choice. Most of these trends come and go; only the most useful ones remain. This means that those parts that are making the rounds today might look corny tomorrow and force you to invest in another upgrade.

4.    Incorrect tire pressure

Tire pressure has a massive impact on vehicle handling and fuel efficiency. Unless you want to get on the race track, it is wise to maintain moderate tire pressure. Overinflated tires not only wear out faster but also make your ride less comfortable.

5.    Poor turbocharger installation

A turbocharger is supposed to improve your car's performance, but sometimes it can cause degradation. For example, if the installation angle of the external wastegate is too shallow, the wastegate's dynamic range will be limited. Similarly, the wrong installation of the internal wastegate can lead to boost control inconsistency.

6.  Not working on the suspension geometry

The suspension isn't just the springs. It is the setup of the camber, caster, thrust angle, and other related components. An improper geometry will make your vehicle drive horribly, wear out your tires, and ruin the whole driving experience.


Some performance and aesthetic improvement techniques are straightforward, but some of the measures you take might undercut your efforts. Avoid the above mistakes to improve your car and get value for money from your tuning project.