Incidents during the first lap of race 1 and the handicap ofrunning with high weight influenced the overall result of the Chevrolet Cruzesin the Race of Spain, the fifth round of the World Touring Car Championship,which took place today in the Circuito Ricardo Tormo in Valencia.

All three cars managed to finish both races, although they wereunable to score any drivers points. The team arestaying at Valencia, to dosome development testing tomorrow to continue the performance path of the new Cruze, in preparation for the next race in Brno in three weeks time. 

Nicola Larini (11th / 12th): "Our cars were simply too heavy with respect to competition. Because ofthat, I had to brake earlier at every corner and was unable to hold back someof my opponents. I was hit during the first corner incident in race 1, butmanaged to emerge with not too much damage. In race 2, the car was very good inthe first laps, but because of the weight the tyreswere down on performance as from lap 5. There was nothing more we could do".

Alain Menu (15th/ 12th): "The first corner in race 1 wassimply madness. I got touched by a SEAT and ended in the gravel, losing me manypositions and damaging my steering. In race 2, I had a nice fight with Rydell and Porteiro, but I couldnot do any better than 12th, we did not have enough speed".

Menu during WTCC in Valencia

Rob Huff (22nd/ 22nd): "I got hit in the first corner inrace 1, and lost positions, then a couple of laps later I had contact with Bennani, and had to stop in the pits to change a puncturedright front tyre. In race 2, I had a good start, butlater made a little mistake in turn 2, missing the braking point and unwillinglyhitting Alain."

Mark Busfield: "Unfortunately, all our three carsgot involved in the melée in the first corner, whereeverybody seemed to be involved, and we suffered damages to different extents.This impacted on our pace and results in race 1 and put us down the grid forrace 2. Tomorrow, we will be here in Valencia to test and do some workon the suspension and set-up that should take us forward in the development ofthe car". 

Eric Neve: "We knew we cannot win every weekend and we knew that Valencia wasgoing to be difficult. There is still a lot to learn about the new Cruze and this is why the team has planned a testingsession here tomorrow, where we can build on the information gathered duringthe weekend".  

Huff during WTCC in Valencia


1. Y Muller                  SEAT León TDI             13 laps in 23m13s675

2. T Monteiro               SEAT León TDI             +1s884

3. G Tarquini               SEAT León TDI             +4s157

4. A Farfus                  BMW 320si                               +5s364

5. A Priaulx                 BMW 320si                               +5s943

11. N Larini                ChevroletCruze                       +16s461

15. A Menu                 Chevrolet Cruze                       +26s381

22. R Huff                   ChevroletCruze                       +1lap 



1. A Farfus                  BMW 320si                               13laps in 23m16s075

2. J Müller                   BMW 320si                               +0s540

3. G Tarquini               SEAT León TDI             +5s426

4. A Priaulx                 BMW 320si                               +5s884

5. A Zanardi                BMW 320si                               +6s676

12. A Menu                 Chevrolet Cruze                       +20s965

13. N Larini                ChevroletCruze                       +23s139

22. R Huff                   Chevrolet Cruze                       +43s503



1. Y Muller (SEAT), 57 points; 2. A Farfus (BMW), 54; 3. G Tarquini (SEAT), 46; 3. A Priaulx(BMW), 35; 5. R Huff (Chevrolet), 32; ... 10. N Larini (Chevrolet), 14; 11. A Menu (Chevrolet), 14; etc


1.       SEAT, 136 points; 2. BMW, 120; 3. Chevrolet, 96; 4. Lada, 35.