Despite improvements to the economy recently, money is still tight for a lot of households. This leaves the thoughts of buying a new car, whether off the peg or second hand, out of the question. However, a time comes when you need to upgrade your car and there are ways to ensure that you don't get stung on the purchase and make sure you don't spend too much of your capital on your new car, like the following:

Source the best deal

With so many options to source great deals now provided by the internet and endless car publications there is no excuse for not seeking out the best price on your dream car. By shopping around you can save a few hundred pounds on a deal by checking car supermarkets, private sales and even car auctions to ensure you don't pay over the odds. As long as you do your homework properly and check over the car you can always research your way to a better deal on your next car by being savvy.

Haggle for a bargain

Cars are one of the largest and most long-term purchases we make in our lifetime, only just behind buying a house. You would never accept the owner's valuation for a house and would go in with a lower offer at first and that's exactly how it should be with a car. Remember, the car market works in driver's favour in the fact that their dream car will more than likely be widely available when compared to house in a specific place. When buying privately use the condition of the car, discrepancy in the service history and current market prices to haggle a better deal. If buying from a dealer try to haggle for extras that can boost the value of your car.

Secure a reasonable finance deal

Finance is a superb way of getting a new or used car without the crippling upfront costs. Instead of paying out for a car in full you can spread the payment over a set period of your choice. It is up to you whether you want to pay a large chunk or small amount upfront and then choose the length of the deal to minimise the monthly payments to what you can afford to pay moving forward. A deal, like Hunter's Land Rover finance, can make one of the most expensive and luxurious cars in the market within your budget if you source the best finance deal.