The Department for Transport has today published the Transport Statistics Bulletin 'Road Conditions in England 2007'. National Statistics on the conditions of roads in England produced by the Department for Transport were released on 05 June 2008 according to the arrangements approved by the UK Statistics Authority. This bulletin provides a picture of the state of roads in England in 2007, using various data sources to measure conditions on both local and trunk roads:

* A visual survey of surface defects on unclassified local roads, footways, kerbs and verges. * A machine based survey of the surface condition of trunk roads, i.e. motorways and all purpose trunk roads. * A machine based skidding resistance survey of the surface condition of major roads, i.e. trunk roads and principal roads. * Performance Indicators for the surface condition of each Local Authority's local road network. Key results for England are: * For the classified road network there were more local authorities showing year on year improvements than there were showing declines between 2005-06 and 2006-07. * After seven years of improvement there was a slight deterioration in the condition of unclassified roads in built-up areas in 2007, and no change in the condition of unclassified roads in non-built up areas.