After the G-Class weeks ago, the midsize sedan now had an interruption in Germany. Excessive demand and the semiconductor shortage are to blame

Mercedes-Benz E450 with AMG-Line Package

1: Mercedes-Benz E450 with AMG-Line Package (source: Daimler)

In early February, it was reported that the G-Class SUV had its orders interrupted in the European market and the most likely reason was to have its item packages changed. Now, Mercedes-Benz has reportedly halted the E-Class's orders in Germany, but only for the sedan – the current family also includes a coupé, a cabriolet, and a station wagon which comes in regular and All Terrain variation.

While official information is scarce at the moment, it has been reported that demand for the model has grown in other regions and that the current semiconductor shortage the industry is facing is still impacting production. Both factors have allegedly depleted the automaker's inventory, which could be the reason for its decision to temporarily stop taking new orders for the E-Class midsize sedan.

Mercedes-AMG E63 S Touring

2: Mercedes-AMG E63 S Touring (source: Daimler)

What can we expect from the E Class?

Since the current generation was released in 2016 and facelifted in 2020, it is still early to speculate about the arrival of a whole new model. What is known so far is that buyers who prefer something entirely electric can choose the EQE and that the all-new E-Class is still in development. It has been reported that the coupé and cabriolet will be spun off into the CLE, a brand new line of their own.

As mentioned before, the interesting part is that this event has only affected the sedan. If you have already decided to buy a Mercedes Benz model, it could be an unexpected opportunity to consider adjacent options: the Coupé is sportier, the Cabriolet has the exclusive open roof, the Touring has a roomier cabin, and the CLS is more stylish. Any other would go too further from the original sedan.

Mercedes-Benz E450 AMG-Line Cabrio

3: Mercedes-Benz E450 AMG-Line Cabrio (source: Daimler)

What about the existing E Class?

As the years pass, it is natural that you have to take additional actions so as to keep your car in top shape. Regular maintenance is essential for that: it protects internal components from accelerated wear and keeps your car comfortable, efficient, and even safe. Neglecting its maintenance routine might save you some money today but will surely be immensely more expensive in the long term.

Another interesting possibility you have is to invest in tuning. Mercedes Benz offers many types of modifications for its vehicles and, despite the fact that most are focused on the moment the car is sold, you can still get the components on your own and perform an aftermarket installation. As you can imagine, that type of car tuning requires attention to specific points, but we are here to help.

Mercedes-AMG E53 Coupé

4: Mercedes-AMG E53 Coupé (source: Daimler)

Mercteil can assist your Mercedes Benz tuning

The very first initial point to keep in mind is that genuine parts are the way to go. They comply with the same quality standards as the rest of the car, so they will take it as close as possible to its state when new. Mercteil is proud to say that its entire catalog of components available for sale, which is enormous, is exclusively made of genuine Mercedes parts. We deliver the highest quality you could ever find.

Parallel to that, our website features abundant information about every part we sell. You can find a detailed initial description, technical specifications, and a full list of which cars are compatible with that particular item. Everything to make it easier for you to inform yourself and make a conscious purchase. Nevertheless, we also show the channels through which you can contact us if you need.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class All Terrain

5: Mercedes-Benz E-Class All Terrain (source: Daimler)

While the E-Class is going through a temporary sales interruption in the German market, it is always good to know that you have other options. In case you decide to invest in your existing car by giving it some new tuning parts, rest assured that Mercteil will be ready to assist you in such a project. We have countless genuine parts easily available to you. Feel free to contact us today!