With just a single missing vehicle representing a substantial loss, ensuring that every car is accounted for should be among the top priorities of every lot manager. Needless to say, the larger the car lot, the more challenging securing your inventory becomes. While it's true that keeping track of hundreds of vehicles can present a number of challenges, this task is by no means impossible. A little bit of forward-thinking and a willingness to embrace new technology can go a long way when it comes to safeguarding your car lot. Lot owners and managers looking for effective ways to protect their inventory should consider employing the following security measures.

Invest in a Vehicle Tracking App

When a vehicle is stolen or otherwise unaccounted for, a user-friendly vehicle tracking app can prove invaluable. Knowing the exact location of every car on your lot at any given time can dramatically reduce instances of theft and vehicle loss, thereby lifting a tremendous weight off your shoulders. In your efforts to find the right tracking app, keep an eye out for applications that emphasize ease of use and have received high marks from lot owners and fleet operators. Just keep in mind that even the most reliable app is bound to attract a few less-than-stellar reviews. However, if you notice that unfavorable feedback accounts for the majority of a product's reviews, it may be a good idea to consider another app.

Utilize Security Cameras

While physical counts should be part of your lot's usual routine, investing in reliable security cameras can decrease the need to perform this task on a daily basis. This is particularly true in the case of larger lots. If you have hundreds of vehicles to watch over, there's simply no substitute for good security cameras. The more cameras you have, the easier it is for security personnel to monitor the property and catch potential thieves in action. There's nothing wrong with tasking these individuals with physically patrolling the property, but dependable cameras can lead to a reduction in legwork, an uptick in efficiency and a much happier security staff.

When deciding on the exact placement of your cameras, it pays to consult seasoned security experts. These individuals will be able to provide you with insightful placement recommendations and zero in on the areas that stand to benefit the most from camera surveillance.

Install Outdoor Lighting

As any security professional can attest, good outdoor lighting can be a huge detriment to thieves, vandals and other unwelcome visitors. That being the case, there's no reason your car lot should be without it. The darker your lot is during the overnight hours, the more tempting a target it is for disreputable characters. Outdoor lighting not only makes things easier for your security staff, but it also sends a clear message to thieves: "WE SEE YOU."

To get the most out of outdoor lighting, you'll need to ensure that every part of the property receives a fair amount of light. If certain areas of your lot receive little to no light, intruders are liable to use them as points of entry.

Keep Keys in a Secure Location

Keeping your lot's keys and key fobs in a secure location can also prove beneficial to your security efforts. In addition to storing keys in an area with limited access, you should require every employee who takes a key to log which key they took and the reason they took it. Furthermore, placing a security camera in this location can ensure that any employee who fails to adhere to these procedures is promptly caught. If your employees take vehicles off the lot on a consistent basis throughout the workday, you may want to consider hiring someone to keep track of the keys and log who takes which vehicle.


No vehicle is a small investment. Regardless of how many cars you have on your lot, even one unaccounted-for vehicle can represent a significant financial setback. As such, security should be foremost on the minds of everyone who owns or operates a car lot. Fortunately, ensuring the safety of your inventory doesn't have to be an arduous undertaking. Armed with the tips outlined above, you can provide your car lot with first-rate security and yourself with tremendous peace of mind.