The BMW 3-Series is the company's best-selling vehicle (excluding motorbikes), expanding across 5 generations in numerous body styles, of which the sixth generation was introduced in early 2011 and is in production now.

But what makes the 3-Series such a popular compact luxury car? For starters, it's incredibly classy but well-built, comfortable and powerful, and value for money is unbeatable against other vehicles in the compact executive class. Whether you opt for the current BMW 320D,BMW 330ci or earlier models , the 3-Series will get you there in style.

A popular choice was the fourth generation 3-Series, which debuted in 1999, with coupe, convertible and sedan versions released the followed year. Receiving rave reviews for its suspension, engines, steering and brakes, these vehicles are particularly sought-after on the used car market as their overall design and luxury have longevity as well.

In 2001, the E46's engine displacement technology was improvement and all-wheel drive was added to the line-up. The 2.5-litre engines were fitted to the 325i models and the 330i was given 3.0-litre engine that produced impressive 225 horsepower.

Exterior facelifts were made in 2002, initially for the sedans and station wagons, with the coupes and convertibles following in 2004. Technology advancements that were ahead of their time (at the time) such as navigation, bi-xenon headlights and rain-sending wipers were features in the 325i and 330i.

A great choice for buyers seeking luxurious, comfortable driving in the city, the BMW 3-Series from any generation – as long as the car has been well-maintained and has low mileage – is a solid buy. It's also a great choice for buyers looking at entry-level luxury and quality with a lower price tag.

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