The FIA has announced on Friday, that the rule prohibiting team orders will be "deleted" from the regulations in 2011. There were an official meeting in Monaco of the World Motor Sport Council, where the sport's governing body said the controversial article 39.1 "is deleted" from the rules.

The regulation, which was introduced in 2002 came under the spotlight this season, when Ferrari was penalised $100 000, but otherwise escaped without sanction for switching the order of Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso by issuing a clandestine radio message.

Another important thing is bringing the new four-cylinder turbo engine for 2013, including a five-engine per driver limit in 2013 reducing to four engines in 2014.

The gearboxes must be used for five consecutive races in 2011, instead of four as was the case this year. The cars also will feature moveable rear wings to boost overtaking.

Seems like the new rules make sense and the F1 races will be much more interesting.