Starting up a business that is all about, or at least has something to do with transportation and logistics, is no joke. One should carefully plan his/her investment. And one of the most important investments in this case will be the fleet. Choose your commercial vehicles with caution as they will be the backbone of your company and you'll be stuck with them for a while.

A van is a van right? How can I go wrong? You can. You need to start off with the basics – new or used. Then you need to find the one type of van that suits you perfectly. Consider the size and practicality of the vehicle. Find the perfect blend of power and fuel consumption (at first it may seem that fuel consumption comes first but in the world of deliveries and services, punctuality is king). Also, it's not only important getting to point B on time, but also getting the at all. That's where reliability comes into place.

All of this requires a substantial amount of research. Obviously, one can't start paying visits to local dealers to make the decision. Today there are more types and marques of vans than there are types of cargo. Luckily however, there's the internet. And to be more specific, there's A website dedicated to the ambitious van hunter. Whether gathering a fleet or merely buying a van for personal use or even selling a van, one is bound to succeed on this website. First off you can start by reading reviews. (these days, one can find reviews even for toasters on the internet). That browse will hopefully clear up some questions you've been having right from the start – should I get that? Will it spend most of it's lifetime in the workshop? Is it expensive to run? After that, narrow down your search and start browsing the list of countless vans until you find the perfect one for you. is full of other useful information as well – consider van leasing options, find the right insurance for you at their comprehensive list of insurance companies and also find dealers, garages, stores and accessories for your van so nothing gets overlooked.