2021-Car-Rental-910During these troublesome times of Covid-19, many more people are skipping the use of public transportation and rather opting to rent a car. That way, they aren't exposed to other people that may be carrying the virus but can rather choose who they travel with, preferably with those included in their bubble.

One of the first things people think of when they think about car rental is how to get a good deal as there are so many stories about people who felt ripped off after renting a car. Some of the biggest worries are additional hidden fees, extortionate petrol charges, and worst of all, being accused of damage that was already there. Here, we look at the top five tips to ensure you get a good deal.

1. Check the Fuel Metre

Be sure to firstly research what your rental car company charges for fuel, and whether they charge per mile or otherwise. Also ensure you take a picture of the fuel gauge before you drive off to avoid any possible future disputes. And check if they are going to supply you with a full tank and whether they want you to fill it up before returning it.

2. Ask about any Mileage Limit

While some rental car companies will give you unlimited mileage, others will limit how far you can drive during the rental. If your company does the latter, there may be a hefty surcharge for every mile you have gone over their set limit.

3. Test the Car

This may seem obvious, but a surprising amount of people forget to do this before they leave. You have to switch the car on and test all the basic functions like headlights, brake lights, indicators and windscreen wipers. You also want to hear if the engine sounds normal and whether it has working air conditioning.

4. Check for any Possible Damage to the Vehicle

As the rental company will check for this with a fine-tooth comb when you return, it's a good idea to do this yourself. Park in an area with good lighting and take a video of any damage you can see, no matter how small. Common things to look out for includes any chips, dents, or scratches on the body of the car. Also check the wheels for any scrapes and the interior for things like rips or possibly even cigarette burns.

5. Renting a Car Abroad

And finally, renting a car abroad is always a bit trickier, but a quick internet search should tell you everything you need to know. So, for example, if you're looking atCar rental schiphol, you can use an online price comparison site to help with your decision.

On the other hand, you can also get an excellent deal by booking directly on some great car rental companies there include Carjet,BB&L Car Rental, Carflexi or Auto Europe, to only mention a few. Or, by using this Netherlands example, simply Google Car Rental Schiphol to see a list of options available to you.