Ford GT Interior Ford's carbon fiber GT super car potent of more than 600 horsepower was introduced in the beginning of the year. What we don't know about it is that its interior has been based on the innovative technologies, clarity of intent in the process of making as well as the aim to be connected to the driver at all times. And this also counts for the car in general, doesn't it?

We all know that one of the most important requirements is the car to have a great-looking and comfortable interior, since this is the part of the vehicle where occupants and driver spent their time. Nevertheless, the most difficult thing in making the best "inside experience" is that the design must satisfy different customer tastes.

For this reason, Ford specialists have collected valuable data from clients in order to create the best interior. And this happens to be the one of 2016 Ford GT. The process of designing the cabin of the two-door car began with the identification of all components that had to be included.

Then, the second step was to apply the existing DNA principles and innovative design solutions so that it can push the interior design even forward. In particular, there are three guiding principles involved in its creation.

The first one is "clarity of intent" which puts emphasis on the functional aspects of the interior. The next one is "innovation" that comes to break some boundaries and change many perceptions. And the last one is "connection", based on the aim to include technology which makes an intuitive connection between car and driver.

More importantly, Ford actually managed to implement these fundamentals in new Ford GT's interior. The result is that the company managed to include technology that is concentrated and organized with essential functions are within a reach.

In addition, the car is lightweight not only because of its carbon infused outer shell but also because the instrument panel includes a two-tier step design with floating wing. This helps in the utilization of the negative space inside and at the same time accentuates over the edge detailing. The effect: more spaciousness inside.

At last, the new interior design is an example of efficiency that can be perceived. In other words, the cabin is filled with soft materials and hard technology that has been harmonized and deliver this feeling of comfort and soft touch.

We definitely expect to see this new approach in other cars like the Ford Mustang for instance. Although the new pony car does not need any changes, this innovative design method might help in the evolution of company's cars in general.

Video Source: YouTube 

Source: Ford