2018 Ford Police Interceptor Utility Ford, America's police brand has introduced the new Police Interceptor Utility vehicle, the first pursuit-rated hybrid SUV. This project is the response from the law enforcement agencies for improved performance with lower costs and more technological utility features.

The new Police Interceptor Utility hybrid offers EPA-estimated combined label of 24mpg and comes with much anticipated economy gains, combined with expected fuel savings from reduced engine idling time. And all of this without sacrificing driving dynamics and road agility – the vehicle accelerates faster and comes with higher top speed. How cool is that?

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Also, there is a special technology that safes fuel even when the vehicle is stationary – the hybrid system can power the demanding electrical loads from lights, computers, radios and other equipment with lithium-ion battery that allows the gasoline engine to shut off and run to charge the batteries. Furthermore, the vehicle is especially fine-tuned and calibrated in order to meet requirements of law enforcement's duty cycle – it automatically switches to maximum performance when needed with a click of a button.

2018 Ford Police Interceptor Utility

Some of the additional features include Standard Ford modem and two-year complimentary Ford Telematics service, Police Perimeter Alert that replaces the previous Surveillance Mode with Blind Spot Information and 270-degree of movement outside the vehicle. There is also Rear Camera on Demand, Class III trailer and many more. Enjoy!

Source: Ford