Gates has fast-tracked a new range of high-pressure radiator Race Caps into an already comprehensive cooling systems range.

The new Race Caps are ideal for cars that have been modified for high-speed racing and are equipped with high performance cooling systems - where radiators and hoses, for example, have been adapted to withstand higher pressures. The range comprises 11 references including caps for mini (32mm ID, 16mm deep) and standard SAE "A" size (2 1/8" OD, ?" deep) filler necks.  Of these 11 references, 8 include an upper gasket so they are suitable for both open and closed cooling systems.  They offer precise pressure control and high-quality materials for longer life. The particular design increases cooling efficiency, helps prevent coolant evaporation, and keeps air out of the cooling system.

Although the new Race Caps are not suitable for passenger cars, Gates already offers a strong aftermarket line of OE-quality radiator caps that are specifically for passenger cars and light commercials. This includes metal radiator caps from the very smallest to the largest diameter type, including long reach (34 mm) and short reach (25 mm) radiator caps. There are also plastic header tank caps for newer models with a closed cooling system.