Vintage collectors know only one thing, and that's the older the car, the better. Vintage aesthetics are mostly the reason why people go crazy over purchasing and modifying vehicles to look like they were built right before World War 1. This, of course, has something to do with nostalgia.

People are drawn to old things not because it has become trendy to do so, but because of the idea of coming into contact with the past. Touching the very first Lamborghini, for instance, is the closest you can get to time travel. And all too often, people seem to relish in the joy of touching something that has been nearly eroded by time.

Still, when it comes to cars, there are always people that would still opt for power. And no antique vehicle can compare to a 1988 Ford Mustang in terms of striking a balance between a vintage style and an engine that is jam-packed of power.

Apparently, production of this model has been halted in the early 1990s. But it is safe to assume that there are still surviving units out there that deserve a great deal of attention. Fox Body Mustangs are in fact in every collector's list of muscle cars that emphasize style and performance altogether.

When they were released to the public for the very first time, sales weren't actually that stellar. But right after police departments across the United States adopted the model as their choice pursuit vehicle, Ford Mustangs have become a staple in every police car chase that have been witnessed in the 80s. Going beyond the punch that it delivers, these badboys are the stuff of every kid's dream.

If you happen to love the 80s, a Fox Body Mustang can be the right car for you. Hopping into one will instantly drive you around memory lane when Wham! was telling everybody to "wake up before you go-go." The simple yet stylish design makes you want to imagine yourself as Crockett of Miami Vice fame, and the interiors possess very much the same nostalgic pull as well.

What's even more compelling is the 300 lb-foot torque that it delivers to anyone who dared take the driver's seat. It's a no brainer that such vehicles were designed to hunt down escaping convicts and pursue drug runners along a busy highway. You don't have to rev the car all the way to get it speeding like a bullet along the interstate. And did we ever mention that it's lighter? Well, at 2,900 lbs, Mustangs can be deemed the lightest in the muscle car category, a distinction which has partly something to do with how fast it can reach top speeds.

Whether you opt for cop-style setups or convertibles, a Fox Body Mustang is one such vehicle that rightly captures the essence of everything vintage (if by vintage, you mean from 1981 to 1990, then yes). Fortunately, mass production of these vehicles has made it easier for enthusiasts to look for and buy one. It's just a matter of knowing how to modify it according to your tastes.

Image Source: google images