If you want to keep your Audi looking like a luxury vehicle instead of appearing to be outdated and old, one area you can easily improve upon is your car's lighting.  Dim lights are unsightly and can make a car look ancient compared to its actual age, but fortunately, there are plenty of aftermarket Audi lighting parts to help enhance the vehicle's lighting system.  From new headlights and tail lights to add-on novelty lighting components, you can create exactly the lighting look you want for your Audi, so it always looks aesthetically appealing in the dark.


When selecting replacements for your Audi's stock headlights, there are numerous options available to consider.  If you want to witness a cool ring effect every time you use your headlights, try going with Audi angel eyes headlights, or halo headlights.  If you'd rather have a set of headlights that work very well and similarly to some new fog lights, you can even pair Audi projection headlights with some projector tail lights.  For the greatest customization, though, you can't beat Audi HID headlights.  With HIDs, you can pick the color light you desire, whether it's purple, blue, yellow, or even white.

Tail Lights

Certainly, there are plenty of different aftermarket Audi tail light options out there to choose from, such as the aforementioned projector tail lights.  When it comes to what's modern and appealing on the market right now, though, there's really only one light type that's lighting everyone up:  LEDs.  Audi LED tail lights look bright, modern, and flashy, and are so vivid in the dark that it would be very difficult for another driver to miss them when they're illuminated.  For improved style and safety, you'll want to equip some LEDs.

Novelty Lights

In the dark, from outside your car, you can usually only see two things:  your car's headlights, and your car's tail lights.  But those aren't the only lighting upgrades available.  In fact, for improved aesthetic appeal, many drivers equip their Audis with aftermarket novelty lights.  Undercar lights, for instance, radiate against the roadway, and you can pick from a wide variety of neon tubes and such.  If you'd prefer something that's fun (and can't be used on actual roads), you can always try Audi novelty police lights and police strobes as well.  Really, if you want to spice up your car's appearance in the dark, aftermarket lights are the way to go.