When buying a new car, chances are you are going to pay a price that is inclusive of the car warranty. While a majority of car manufacturers offer a car warranty alongside their cars, it is always important for you to check whether the MRRP includes the cost of the protection. But there is some difference between a manufacturer's warranty and an extended car warranty offered by Liberty Automotive Protection.

What is a Manufacturer's Warranty?

It is that which is offered by the maker or the dealership of the new car you are purchasing. Different manufacturers will have to offer different warranty features, but the common denominator defining these warranty plans is that they last for a specified period of time or are only valid for a pre-determined mileage. In most cases, the manufacturer warranty covers major components of the car, including transmission, engine, and drivetrain problems among others. Because a majority of the vehicle makers already trust the longevity of their brands, they do not offer extremely long new-car warranties.

Why Many People are Now Preferring Extended Warranties

Because the validity of the warranty from your manufacturer or dealer is limited in terms of time and the number of repair issues it can cover, many drivers feel the offer does not last them as much. Therefore, there's an increased need to supplement the warranty by purchasing other auto protection plans such as extended warranties and vehicle service contracts from some of the most reputed providers such as Liberty Automotive.

Extended car warranties commonly known as service contracts are alternatives to what the makers offer. These optional, but crucial auto protection plans can be purchased at any given time regardless of whether. Today, a good number of people looking for vehicles today prefer buying used cars, perhaps because of the fact that they deliver just almost similar services to new cars at an affordable cost. Since these cars are bought at a time when the manufacturer's warranty plans have expired or have been voided, it becomes necessary for car owners to opt for extended car warranty plans to cover them against the rising cost of car repairs. These auto protection plans are available from car dealerships or third-party car warranty companies.

Ideally, it is recommended that car owners purchase these plans either before your maker's warranty expires or before you begin using the car.

Because these auto protection plans come with yearly premiums and deductible at the same time, you are likely not going to use them up. Buying an extended warranty from Liberty Automotive is advantageous since it is cheaper and that it can be customized to fit your individual needs, unlike the standard warranty that comes with the new car at the time of purchase.

As we stay in our cars, they wear and lose value over time. This means you are likely going to require more repairs, which translates into even higher repair costs. The implication of this trend is that as many vehicles become older by the day, there shall be as much demand for third-party warranty plans. Drivers realize that it is when the vehicles are old that extended warranty plans are worthwhile buying, especially if the situation you are in doesn't allow you to set aside money for likely car repairs. There are circumstances when it is recommended to buy an extended car warranty. If you find yourself in any of the following situations, you'd better purchase your auto protection from Liberty Automotive before you are overwhelmed by the amount of repairs costs that await you.

• When you have bought a new car but you have either exceeded your mileage or the age of the car is beyond what the maker covers

• When you purchase a pre-owned car whose mileage exceeds your manufacturer's limit

• If your car has accumulated over 100 miles and you do not seem to be prepared with savings to take care of the repairs.

If you are like most car owners whose hands are already full of expenses to deal with and do not want to overburden yourself with huge car repair costs, buying an auto protection plan from Liberty Automotive can be the best move that will give you peace of mind. Call Liberty Automotive Protection Phone Number to get expert help on the best auto protection that is budget-friendly.

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