2020-Car-Shipping-910A classic car is a special type of transport, featuring a stylish design, high cost and often carries emotional value. Therefore, transportation is an important issue. A competent approach to choosing a cars shipping company TMShipping will allow you to deliver the vehicle safely and on time. Below we describe the criteria in more detail that a carrier must meet, talking about his reliability.

An experience

Car shipping and classic cars shipping are two different things. Classic cars require a special approach, understanding the nuances of transportation. In view of this, it is advisable to choose companies that have experience working with this class of cars. Before deciding in favor of a company, check with consultants how many cars they delivered, try looking for reviews on the Internet. It will form an opinion about the carrier and make a more informed choice.


Agree that it's calmer to sleep when you know where the vehicle is at the moment. There are several tracking methods that companies are implementing. Automatic - allows real-time tracking using the application. Manual - operators personally inform the owner several times a day by phone and email. Only a few companies provide contact details for drivers for direct interaction with him.


A reliable carrier takes care of all issues related to documentary support. He removes all the routine from the client, providing a complete solution. To send a car from point A to point B, it is enough to transfer the keys, the vehicle and wait for the notification of arrival.

Additional protection

A classic car must be transported under special conditions, additionally protected from negative environmental influences and debris that could scratch the paintwork. Closed trucks are excellent for this. Therefore, check with the carrier how your vehicle will be transported.

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These are the main criteria that a company must meet to ensure high-quality transportation of cars. Remember, transportation of a classic car is not worth saving. Here all the requirements and norms of cars shipping must be observed.

TMShipping - cars shipping company engaged in the transportation of luxury cars for many years. Therefore, be sure of the safety of your transport.