The garage door is an essential part of the home's external appearance. Modern garages can be available in a diverse selection of designs, and styles. When choosing the style, make sure that the design complements the overall layout of your home.

However, finding the garage doors entails a lot of consideration, which could somehow cause difficulties to some homeowners while comparing designs that are suitable. It can be tricky to decide on the best quality garage door with so many options in the market today.

Fortunately, browsing websites like offers a wide range of premium varieties for garage doors. They have highly trained staff that will help the homeowners in customizing a door through a design app that'll surely meet the customer's needs.

Read on the tips below that might help you choose the best garage door design for your home.

1. Determine The Purpose Of The Garage

To assess the best garage door, consider the primary uses of the garage. Aside from parking cars inside the garage, some homeowners use the space for a variety of purposes like storing bikes, lawnmowers, toys, and other items.

The purpose of the garage will define the material, cost, style, color, budget, and safety features of the garage door you'll buy.

2. Identify The Materials

As mentioned, the material of the garage door can vary depending on its purpose. For instance, wood is the most frequently used material for garage doors due to its ability to withstand damages, and it tends to be painted over. On the other hand, metal doors tend to have visible damages like dents. The type of materials you'll choose can affect the design of garage door construction.

However, regardless of the type of material you'll use, keep in mind that your garage door will be susceptible to damage if it continues to suffer from rainwater from leaking gutters. With a leaking gutter, garage doors experience water damage and the siding will be ruined. For instance, steel-type garage doors are prone to corrosion with extreme moisture content. Further, wood can be greatly affected by water since it causes the material to rot, weaken, and eventually fall apart. Gutter guards can provide a solution to this problem.

It's important to choose the right material that suits your needs. For instance, choosing a durable material will secure and might extend the life of the cars inside your garage.

3. Select The Most Suitable Garage Style

There are different types of designs for garage doors depending on your home's style and location. In selecting the most suitable style, consider your home's architectural configuration. For instance, a stand-out garage can't be compatible with a traditional-style home. However, contemporary styles tend to match unique styles that have extra features contributing to the home's overall style.

4. Pick The Best Colors

The color of the garage door has the power to affect the home's overall curb appeal. A common technique for choosing the right color is by matching the home's siding and window trim. If you want a sophisticated look over your garage, then choose a dark green or black color. Meanwhile, if you like to boost the home's overall richness, red, brown and other warmer colors can be incorporated.

Also, it's best to consider the color along with the style of the garage door since particular garage door materials induce appeal with certain colors. For instance, a modern home can be visually appealing with an aluminum door, and a classic house blends well with wood colors.

If you can't decide yet on the ideal color for your garage doors, you can check out various garage door and design ideas that suit your needs.


5. Measure The Space

It's important to measure your garage door frame to figure out the size that works best for your space. The usual dimensions for single garage doors are 8 feet high by 9 feet wide. Meanwhile, double garage doors range from 8 feet high by16 feet wide.

6. Consider Your Budget

Basically, the cost is a big factor when choosing the right garage door. Usually, garage door prices can range from $1,000 to $10,000. An average of $3,000 will do for a semi-custom design option. It's important to settle on a reasonable budget that meets your required specifications in order to achieve the garage door's intended purpose and accessibility, as well as add curb appeal to your home.

Bottom Line

Considering the above tips might help homeowners attain the perfect garage door that suits their needs.

Moreover, enhancing the home's curb appeal can be as simple as improving the garage door. There are diverse options available with the growing number of home styles today. The help of experienced and expert garage door specialists can be your guiding compass in choosing the right one for your home.