2019 Car DealershipHave you purchased a new car online or gotten one through a third party or dealership in another state, or maybe you are just relocating to a new city. Or you could just want to ship a car to a relative. You will find that shipping a car across country can be a risky and costly proposition, which is why it's best to avoid the unnecessary headache and hand over everything to recognized shippers who have been trusted to deliver.

Using car shippers is an option that will take away all the stress of having to drive your vehicle by yourself. However, finding a reputable car shipping company that is reputable and perfectly suits your needs can be overwhelming as the industry is filled with rivalry.

There are certain elements that make a car shipping company safe and reliable, and that's why it's necessary to perform adequate research before committing to any company. Here are some of the qualities every reputable car shippers should meet:

They must be registered

Every car shipper or broker is required to be registered with the Department of Transport, have their DOT number and authorization by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) before they can transport cars. If you plan to ship abroad, then the shipping company you use must be registered with the Federal Maritime Commission.

Customers Reviews

Use reliable review sites on Google, Bing, and Yahoo for reviews on any auto transport company.  Avoid reading a review from review sites owned by a car transport company as some of them may be paid reviews.

Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a good place to find the profile, ratings and verified clients' reviews of an established business in the united states. BBB makes sure that all reviews from customers are verified.

Know Contingent Cargo insurance Policy

Every reliable car shipper should provide cargo insurance. You don't want to hire a company with a canceled policy caused by not paying for transporting a vehicle. Confirm that the shipper you want to hire has a backup insurance policy. This could help you avoid unnecessary expenditure in case any unpleasant issue occurs during transportation, as this can happen sometimes.

Check Out Shipping Price

Shipping a car can be quite expensive. It's normal to go for an option with a lesser price to save some money but avoid choosing extremely cheap companies. Let your decision be based on the result of your research and how comfortable you're with the company's representatives.

The cheapest car shippers are most times not reliable companies. What they'll do is shop your vehicle around till they can find a carrier that will transport it at a lower rate than what they've charged you. This means that your vehicle may take longer than expected to arrive at your destination. They may also be shipping your car with a truck  that has no cargo insurance.

Know About Delivery Options

Some car shippers offer a home car delivery option at an additional cost while some require pick-up at their final destination. In most cases, pick-up and drop-off options are the major factors that determine the price. However, you can cut out more spending by traveling a couple of miles away to pick up your vehicle.


Your car deserves the best treatment when shipping to its destination. You can only get such treatment when you have hired a reputable car shipper. You're sure your car will be transported safely without any problem, delay or unnecessary expenditure. Finding a reliable shipper is never easy, but the points listed here should make the process smooth.