While every car enthusiast would like to keep his car looking just as if he drove it out of the showroom, most owners are content to get by with a wash and a polish job once in a while. This is usually because keeping a car clean and roadworthy can mean investing a lot of time and effort while some may not even know the right way of keeping the car shiny. However, just by taking the help of a few smart tips sourced from the experts, you can very easily keep your car looking like new:

Park the Car under a Shade

Even though modern cars are extremely sturdy, continuous exposure to the harsh elements like sun and rain can very easily make the paintwork look dull. The UV rays of the sun cause the paintwork to fade due to the process of oxidization and it loses its sparkle. The best way is to keep the car in a covered garage, however, in case you do not have one, at least park under the shade, though not under a tree as bird dropping can damage the paint. Keeping the car out of the direct sun also helps to prevent the fading of the upholstery and dulling of the headlights.

Clean the Car Periodically 

While it may seem obvious, regularly cleaning the car is perhaps the most important thing you can do to keep your car looking shiny. Depending on the dust and weather conditions, you may even need to wash the car every alternate day, however, do not allow more than two weeks to pass before hosing it down. The longer the interval between washes, the tougher it is to get rid of dust, tar, and other stuff that sticks to the paint though Vehicle Ceramic Coating Services can make it easy to maintain the looks.

Bird dropping, especially, can be very corrosive can permanently disfigure the car paint and if left for too long. The right way of cleaning bird poop is to moisten it with water until it becomes soft and can be easily removed with a washcloth. Scrubbing the spot can damage the paint. Using a clay bar can help to remove contaminants from the paint surface very effectively.

Use the Right Cleaning Materials 

Even though products made especially for cleaning cars seem costly, you should not make the mistake of using household detergents or soaps as these are typically very harsh and can damage the finish with repeated use. The correct procedure is to dust off the car with a duster and then rinse it gently with water, preferably with a hosepipe. Apply car shampoo and clean the paintwork with microfiber towels and mittens. Make sure you remove all traces of the shampoo with water before drying the car. Apply a good brand of car polish as per instruction on the pack and buff to a nice deep shine that will gladden your heart.


Keeping the car looking like new becomes easier if it is parked under the shade, cleaned regularly with proper car cleaning products, and polished with love and care. The important thing is to not let dirt and debris build-up and damage the paint irreversibly.

Image Source: Google Images