Several years ago consumers bought newspapers, magazines and all types of media trying to find the right vehicle for them. People paid to publish their advertisements and hoped that somebody would call them. Even though the Internet became a huge part of our lives, and more and more people placed their supply online, still they counted on their luck. iBuyer will help customers find the best deal for them by reversing the model. It is a free service for buyers and sellers of all types of vehicles. You, the buyer, tell the sellers what you want and they make you offers. By posting every offer for every seller to see (and beat), we encourage competition and as a result you get the best possible price. Our site is designed to drive the price down by having the sellers compete for the buyers.

As you know, the state of the economy all over the world is very delicate. Recession is here and everybody feels it. People try to find the best deal, because every single dollar is precious and because buyers are not easy to come by. We are solving the problem in this buyer's market, by giving the consumer the right tools they need to get the best possible price without having to negotiate with many different sellers face to face or online. All they have to do is list their buying interest on iBuyer and wait for the sellers to do the work for them. Most buyers do not like to negotiate and do not really know how. On iBuyer they will not have to do either.

But the benefits are not only for the buyers, who enjoy better price, sellers will benefit by selling their vehicles faster and at no cost. Finding and attracting a buyer can be very costly and might take a while. Becoming a member of the iBuyer community gives you, the seller, free and immediate access to a pool of targeted, ready and willing buyers.

Our site also offers very good social networking. The interface is interactive, fun and easy to use. Also you receive useful information with a single look. Buyers and sellers are able to see and know who they are dealing with and exactly what they are purchasing. It creates a more personal and comfortable feeling, credibility and trust.

The key to this is our Patent Pending Reverse Selling System. It is designed to get the buyer and the seller to communicate with each other and find the point of sale without having to negotiate verbally.

A buyer or a seller can make an offer and use a set of  action buttons to: Accept, Decline, Retract, Comment or Counter Offer. Each action is recorded, by showing the amount, the time and by whom.

iBuyer is a rapidly growing site with great potential. Whether you are buying or selling a car, truck, boat, motorcycle or any other vehicle, we believe that you will find iBuyer the best partner for selling and buying vehicles over the World Wide Web.