The new Lotus Evora has added yet another award to its growing trophy cabinet, this time for iMotor Magazine's "Overall Most Rated Car of 2008". In every issue of iMotor (which has an ABCe of 108,600), readers have been ‘rating' and ‘slating' the cars featured; and out of 40,000 votes counted, 95 per cent of voters rated the Lotus Evora, compared to just 5 per cent slating it making the new 2+2 the most highly rated car in 2008 by iMOTOR readers. Mike Kimberley, CEO of Group Lotus plc, is delighted with the award, "This award from iMotor readers is particularly special as it demonstrates that we have produced a car that already has a fan base amongst the cognoscenti, despite the car being a few months away from the sale date in the spring."

iMOTOR editor Mat Watson said: "Unlike other car magazine awards, ours are decided by the readers. Also they include concepts, models that are not yet on sale and some which the press has yet to drive. And it's clear the iMOTOR readers rate the forthcoming Lotus Evora more than any other car we have featured in the mag. It's ‘rated' score of 95 per cent is truly impressive and enough to see it beat brilliant machines such as the Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 and Nissan GT-R. There's clearly a lot of excitement for this new Lotus."

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About the Lotus Evora The eagerly anticipated Lotus Evora made its official global debut at the British Motorshow in London in July 2008 and will enter the sportscar market as the only mid-engined 2+2 in production. The new car is a more holistic offering than the Elise and Exige models that have been so massively popular with track day enthusiasts. The car, is designed for people who desire exotic sportscar characteristics of stunning design, exclusivity, dramatic proportions and performance. The Lotus Evora also offers real-world usability and a unique sense of occasion. Powered by a 3.5-litre V6 producing 280 PS, the new car employs innovative lightweight chassis technology to ensure visceral all-round dynamic performance, in keeping with the great Lotus tradition. Styled in-house by Lotus Design, the Lotus Evora's sleek, sophisticated and attention-snaring lines brilliantly disguise its ability to accommodate passengers in the rear of the cabin, giving the car the external characteristics of a small, nimble sportscar whilst belying its internal space. As well as being sold in a 2+2 configuration, the car will also be available as a purely twoseater, the space in the rear being allocated to luggage storage. Other derivatives are also planned for the future, including a convertible and an ultrahigh performance version. Deliveries of the Lotus Evora will begin in Spring 2009.