Every single BMW owner out there knows that he/she owns one of the best possible cars. BMWs are masterpieces and when you look under the hood, you can find only top quality parts. We can say that these are not at all economy cars.

As an example, the BMW 2014 5-Series can cost up to $70,400. Even the earlier models tend to cost more than $30,000. We are talking about high expenses so it is completely normal to be concerned when referring to upkeep and care. Fortunately, there are many different things that you can do in order to extend the vehicle's life for a number of years.

Get An Extended Car Warranty

The BMW extended warranty is a very good addition to your regular insurance because of the fact that it was created to help you, the BMW owner. You basically get all that you would with the factory warranty originally issued by the manufacturer plus some extras and a coverage that extends past the first few years after the vehicle was new. As a result, you get to save money when repairs are needed. Besides this coverage, you just need to deal with regular maintenance tasks.

Winter Maintenance

You do not need to go overboard when it comes to winter care. All that you really need is to have kitty litter in the trunk for traction, de-icing liquid, and a standard ice scraper to remove windshield ice. Everything can be put inside the trunk so that you deal with emergencies.

You want to check car tires in order to be sure that pressure is as adequate as it needs to be and you have to check car tread. Go to a local maintenance centre and rotate the tires. Then, get a tune-up done at an auto repair shop so that your fluids are checked. During winter, the windshield fluid is the most important.

Summer And Spring Maintenance

Summer and spring usually show the most use for the BMW. This is when you absolutely have to check both the oil filter and oil levels. The weather is much warmer and you need to be sure that your cooling system is great. Check hoses for a leak and look for cracks in the drive belts.

Just as during winter, you have to check tires to be sure that pressure is at adequate levels. You do this to affect gas mileage and make sure tire wear is reduced.

Interior And Body Care

BMWs are very high-quality vehicles. They need to look great. It is your responsibility to make sure that you properly take care of the car body and the interior. Try to remove salt buildups during winters and wash your car as often as needed during springs. When you see some cracks in your windshield, get them fixed.

When it comes to the interior, make sure that you clean everything according to the surface and that you never use cleaning substances that could damage any part of the car. This happens way too often.