2019-Toyota-Corolla-910The car industry is exciting –perhaps now more than ever. 2019 looks set to increase its appeal even more.

And it's largely down to its available models. One manufacturer seems to tower above all makes. Whether a new or used Toyota, this manufacturer can deliver exceptional quality.

The Toyota Corolla is no exception. It was first exhibited at the 2018 Paris motor show in October.

Now, it's available to buy. Why is it so special, though?

Let's find out.


Toyota has long been known for its hybrid vehicles. Over the last two decades, the manufacturer has sold over 12 million worldwide. 1.5 million of these sales were made in Europe.

As you may already know, hybrids are typically eco-friendly. This is because they use two different sources – usually an internal combustion engine and electric generator – to power a car.

Use a hybrid, and you'll switch between the two. This will result in better energy-efficiency. And this, of course, can benefit the planet.

The Corolla is Toyota's latest hybrid model. And it looks promising.

Key Features

What sets the Corolla above the rest? It's largely down to its dual hybrid strategy. It's the first model to showcase this initiative.

Essentially, it describes two hybrid power options. The Corolla offers both. One delivers classic qualities, like fuel efficiency and smoothness.

The former, of course, can create sustainable driving. The other option offers improved power and easier acceleration. In other words, it provides ‘fun' features. However, it ensures safety at the same time.

Toyota also delivers stability for Corolla drivers. Tools like steering-wheel mounted paddle shifts also guarantee easy handling for users.

Driver Benefits

True, it's expert-made. But how can the Corolla benefit drivers? Well, it's been designed for a range of experiences – from city commutes to off-roading.

Toyota built this model for a number of reasons, sustainability being one of them. Another is to simplify driving – and all the tasks that come with it.

And it's managed to achieve just that. This is mainly thanks to instruments like parking sensors and reversing cameras.

Both attributes can secure safety for drivers – wherever they take their vehicles. They often help to make cars more family-friendly, too.

The Corolla also delivers an affordable driving option. Its dual hybrid system will help to limit spending, as hybrids typically require less fuel than traditional models.

Cars. Very often, they are the most straightforward means of transport. And many are being built to help the environment. What's more, these autos can be enjoyable to drive. The Toyota Corolla testifies this.