When you facing problem that your car hesitation or jerking, maybe there is leak from intake manifold or gasket. In this article we are going to explain about the basic function and bad symptoms of intake manifold and gasket in your car.

Basic Function

According to automotive site such as and, The intake manifold is a part that is shaped like a tubing tube located at the top of a car engine. The intake manifold function is to deliver a mixture of air and fuel to the engine cylinder used for the combustion process. The intake manifold can be connected to the top of the engine because there is an intake manifold gasket that connects the two parts. Intake gasket manifold made of plastic and rubber. Over time, the contraction and heat from the engine can cause the intake manifold gasket to become worn and damaged. If this happens, the symptoms in your car can make engine performance so reduced. Why is Intake Manifold so important? these are some of the things that make Intake Manifolds so important in car components.

The Symptoms

On the EFI injection type engine, the intake manifold acts as a place to place the MPI type EFI engine injector or which can be known as Multi-Point Injection. For the EFI engine type GDI or Gasoline Direct Injection, the intake manifold functions as an air distributor from the intake air chamber to the combustion chamber in the engine. If there is damage to the intake manifold which results in air leakage, the engine will be difficult to spin in an idle or stationary state, in other words, the engine speed when stationary becomes rough. This can happen because the ratio of air and fuel mixture will be a thin mixture due to the addition of free air that can enter the combustion chamber due to leakage in the intake manifold.

That is the importance of the Intake Manifold. This component is very important and becomes part of the vehicle engine that we often use every day. This usage certainly must be treated and adjusted to the use. If there is a leak, then you must spend very large funds. intake manifold gasket leak symptoms will be resolved gradually if routine service or checking is always done.


As the initial explanation that the existence of the intake manifold on this engine is very important, considering that without the intake manifold on the engine, the fuel and air mixture from the fuel mixing device and air will not be able to get to the engine combustion chamber. The intake manifold is located close to a heat source which aims to make the mixture of air and fuel evaporate more quickly resulting in a homogeneous mixture. On some engine types, the location of the intake manifold is located near the exhaust manifold. But there is also an intake manifold in which there is a water jacket channel. The water jacket channel on the intake manifold serves to drain hot water from the cooling system at the intake manifold so that the mixture of fuel and air quickly evaporates due to the heat.

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